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  1. Sorry for the delayed response but I've been offline for a while. It's option 1 - a single beep for roughly half a second.
  2. Mine heats at 3 and 9 but it's more like between 2 and 4 and between 8 and 10 and I wouldn't hold the wheel anywhere else anyway.
  3. I need to get a dog crate (removable cage/box, not a guard). The entrance to the boot is curved at the bottom corners and I want to maximise the headroom as I have big dogs. Has anyone bought a dog crate/cage for a 2019 AWD Hybrid? If so, what did you go for?
  4. I have the same problem but with an iPhone 7. The incoming caller is in my contacts and I can call them using voice control so the system can link the name to the number for outbound calls. I've had by car for less than two weeks now. I do love driving it but it is quirky to say the least (the number of key presses needed to input a post code to the sat nav is just silly. Add a row of numbers above the keyboard for goodness' sake.
  5. I phoned the dealer today (and told them that they didn't enable the seat memory - luckily a post on here has sorted that out). There answer was to bring it in to be looked at so I suppose that's next.
  6. I do hope so. I wonder if it can be disabled - mine is a bleep rather than a continuous noise but from another reply it appears that it is a sound made when the electrical brakes are applied, though why the car needs to bleep when it does that is beyond me.
  7. Thanks for letting me know. I think I'm going to have to have the radio on at all times then otherwise it will drive me bonkers.
  8. Not the lane departure buzzer. It is quieter than any expected alert (quite faint and almost off the end of my audible pitch range) and it happens at any speed. The one thing I haven't tried is to see if it only happens when travelling forwards.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions folks. I looked at the car wow video (I couldn't find the "cow wow" one but I imagine it's udderly brilliant 🙂 ) and the noise it is talking about seems to be the mechanical one. I'll ask the dealer and report back.
  10. No - it's when I'm on the open road and it's regardless of speed. It is quieter than parking sensors but still annoyingly audible. I'm wondering if it happens when the system starts reclaiming energy from the brakes to charge the battery, though why I would need a bleep to tell me that is beyond me.
  11. I've had my RAV4 (2019, AWD, Excel) for a couple of days and noticed one strange thing. Every time I touch the brakes a low volume but high frequency beep happens. It appears to come from the dashboard area but I can't be sure. It's already driving me batty and Lord only knows what the dogs will make of it. Does everyone get this and/or know what it is? Can it be turned off?
  12. I've just joined here (five minutes ago) so this is my first post. I ordered a AWD Excel with no options in June and it's arriving tomorrow. Brace yourselves for lots of daft questions!