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  1. One shiney new power steering/air con belt fitted. Part number for reference if it helps anyone shown in pics.
  2. Power steering belt replaced this morning. Look at this lol. Surprised it was still hanging on to be honest as it was so badly cracked everywhere. 🤣
  3. Thankyou for the video. That avensis is the next shape up from mine. Mine is the old shape. And the engine in that video is a 2.2 mines a 2.0. But I'll take a look regardless thankyou.
  4. Unsure? I know it's a 2.0 DTD with about 110bhp. I guess I should check the handbook?
  5. Car has full Toyota service history and was only serviced 2k miles ago so all filters are good. However yes the EGR I will look at. Any ideas where abouts it is on the 2.0 d4d lump? Pics? Thankyou.
  6. So what's everyones thoughts so far? Let me know! When the weather picks up, I will be refurbishing the wheels and considering getting them painted white?
  7. I use them. Noticable increase in performance and fuel consumption. Not much. But every little helps. Redex.
  8. Fitted brighter Xenon bulbs and LEDs to all headlight bulbs today. Pics dont really do any justice, but they sure do make a big difference in appearance and functionality.
  9. Couple of random shots from today. Might get the car lowered? Say 40mm?
  10. Today the beast got washed, autoglym shampoo, not waxed or detailed, just a quick bath. Also debadged the rear end and the front wings, and de wipered the rear and used a 32mm blanking bung for the hole left in the boot lid. Looks good. Might take the toyota badge off too? Finally I used some autoglym magma cleaner on the alloys, you should have seen the engrained grime come off them! Thoughts on the progress so far...
  11. New rubber and rims fitted today! 17 inch Toyotas.
  12. First mod. Fitted SR spec front mesh grill. Needs painting obviously but looks way better than the stock plastic slatted one with chrome trim. 😁
  13. Hey everyone. Mark here. New to the forum. Here is my daily driver... A 2001 Avensis Estate. GS spec. 2.0 D4D with genuine 78k miles. 2 former keepers. Full Toyota service history. Purchased a month ago as my previous car died a horrible death. And this is what came up at the time. Absolute bargain for what it cost. And drives fantastic! Pretty clean for year. Interior is immaculate. Engine pulls well (could do with a bit more oomph tho). Anyway... It's my daily and in the month of having it, I've replaced the battery with a brand new one as the old one was dying. I do have a free plans for it to be a modified project car too. So if your interested in that sort of thing, this is the thread to follow! A couple of pics of the beast totally stock when purchased...
  14. As title suggests. I have a 2001 mk1 (facelift) avensis estate and the passenger side front plastic end cap cover that finishes of the factory fit roof rails has blown off my car! Will pay good money for one if anyone has one going!