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  1. When I see these posts on flat 12V batteries, I cannot help but think how useful it would been had Toyota provided a multimedia 12V battery status display. And even better, if that info was available via the My T app.
  2. I just got the smaller one a few days ago - although from Machine Mart - which I figured was going to be more than fine for a hybrid (and there was a reassuring review from someone who had used it to start a C-HR). Is it not difficult to retrieve from the boot if you have a flat 12V battery? Also I'm not clear why you don't fire the car up as soon as you connect? My one only allows something like thirty seconds on a timer after you plug in the jump leads.
  3. The trip data that used to appear on the opening page seems to have gone but can still be accessed via Services - Hybrid Coaching - All Trips. So it is still available, just not so obvious!
  4. I hadn't realised it was that tight! So what do you do if you go away on holiday for more than two weeks, assuming that such holidays will become possible again sometime soon?
  5. I was only running my car every two weeks during lockdown (for thirty minutes). Twice I actually left it for fifteen days.
  6. My T is also now letting me know how many miles until service is required - although it appears to want to carry out the first service at 9,320 miles!
  7. I take the view that if you get a mixture of "bad braking", "good braking", "bad acceleration" and "good acceleration", you're there or thereabouts - so not too much to be concerned about!
  8. Yes, I find the 5mph increments a bit annoying as well - luckily I don't use cruise control much (only at 70mph) and a lot less than my last car. It should hold the speed though. Is the "adaptive" messing you up? When you engage cruise control, the adaptive setting is at max and It likes to leave a huge (IMO) gap to the car in front so I set it to minimum (but not off) which I find much more suitable.
  9. I never use anything but USB sticks to play music! I have loaded 32GB sticks with lossless FLAC music files in album folders. The handbook doesn't say it will play FLAC but it works fine (of course I had tried it before loading the USB sticks!). The only issue I've noticed is that in full (32GB) shuffle mode, it does seem to repeat the odd track sooner than I might expect but it does move on (ie it doesn't seem to repeat that track more than once) - and it's all my chosen music so not really an issue.
  10. My T works fine for me (on Android). I have data for every trip that I've done since I signed up in October. I also have trips for before I signed up but not complete data for these. When the car is parked in my driveway it gets a wi fi connection although I am not sure if that is significant.
  11. I think I might be more concerned what the views of the police might be if I happened to be involved in an accident, especially a serious one! And always remember, big brother Toyota is recording your data.
  12. As a fairly recently retired industrial control systems engineer, I just had so many issues with this - but I think you have summed it up very succinctly!
  13. When my low fuel warning light came on today, the car indicated that I had 25 miles range remaining. By the time I got to the fuel station, I was down to 5 miles! Yet I only managed to get 36.5 litres into the tank (though if I had persevered, I probably would have got a little more). So it looks like the warning light calibration is there or thereabouts - but the miles remaining calculation doesn't look very accurate, unless the computer is being clever and is resetting the zero miles remaining point based on when I normally fill up? I don't usually fill up until after the warning light c
  14. I've checked mine against a TomTom but only at 70mph and I have an error of 5mph. My last car, a Mazda, was a little bit worse at about 6.5mph error.
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