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  1. Again, thank you guys one and all for your comments. I'm not sure what version of Safety Sense I have but the car will be three years old next March so perhaps it has been superseded. Mine certainly won't hold, say, 30mph going down a steep hill with nothing in front of me and will slow behind a vehicle in front until it reaches 25mph then trip out and hand control back to me. I'll have to wait and see what next March brings when I'll be trading in!
  2. I haven't disappeared - I'm here! Thanks to everyone for your replies but no-one has really explained WHY! Need to change the car next April so will see if Toyota come up with 'sensible' adaptive cruise control as some of describe - otherwise it's over to the Nissan shop!
  3. Can anyone explain to me why my Prius+ adaptive cruise control trips out at 25mph? Adaptive CC would be incredibly useful when crawling in heavy traffic under 25mph (a la Nissan Leaf!). Also when attempting to use CC to hold the car back on a steep incline at, say, 30mph it gradually accelerates past 30mph?