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  1. Cheers Tony! Did you need support the sub frame when undoing the bolts?
  2. Hi, I am going to fit a metal shield to hopefully deter (or at least slow down) any potential cat thieves. The shield just fits to rear of the subframe, does anyone know the torque for the bolts of the supports at the rear of the subframe? I have attached the Ebay link for the item which shows the bolts. Thanks Rob
  3. I changed my pads and disks around 50k purely due to corrosion and scoring. The pads had plenty of life left it them but this may be down to being a hybrid. I used to own Vauxhall's and seemed to have spend every other weekend fixing them!
  4. How many people blank their EGR's or remove the DPF rather than fix/ replace them? I am not saying it's right but if someone stole your cat and you had a potential wait of over a month not being able to use your car until Toyota could replace it then I imagine it would be tempting to 'temporarily' bolt on a section of pipe? Personally I would go with a cheaper third party Cat section replacement. Best option would be if the police had the resources to nick the thieves in the first place.
  5. I added a tilt sensor to the factory alarm on my Auris Hybrid (goes off it's jacked up). I used the method and parts listed in the video below (except for using piggy back fuses for the live & switched live rather than directly tapping the wires). Using a bolt-on straight pipe until you can get a replacement cat like Furtula says would be an option.
  6. I basically followed this example I used piggyback fuses from the box under the glove-box for the live and ignition live rather than directly tapping the wires. The actual tilt sensor is available in the UK on Ebay but the shock sensor which comes with the actual interface (pod) to make it work was only only available in the US (£28 + £14 import duty). It's a very simple idea by tricking the alarm into thinking a door has been opened when the car is jacked up. So far no false alarms and does go off when jacked up. Cheers Rob
  7. I decided to add a tilt sensor to the factory fitted alarm so at least it will warn me or passers by if the car is jacked up. Only time will tell if makes any difference but it should give any potential cat thieves a bit of shock!