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  1. rajapruk

    The ****

    Nononoo, then there is the annoying lamp constantly telling me that the passenger airbag is deactivated!
  2. rajapruk

    The ****

    Is it possible to deactivate the annoying lamp constantly telling me that the passenger airbag is activated?
  3. rajapruk

    The ****

    Shocks/Springs feels like a larger operation, and can maybe make the handling dangerous. I have tried a car (Volvo S60) with cheap lowering springs only that was dangerous to drive. All kinds of angles way off. Small AND dangerous feels like a bad combination 🙂
  4. rajapruk

    The ****

    I have 15" wheels, with the standard 175/65R15 size. Anyone tried a larger rim diameter, to get higher ground clearance? I want to use this car off the beaten track sometimes going MTB-riding, like a petite SUV.
  5. rajapruk

    The ****

    New member here. Just bought a IQ2 1.0 CVT-2010 in very good condition. Brown metallic. The kids named it ”the ****” instantly, due to the color and size of it. How do I remove the white plastic interior parts (for respray or vinyl wrap)? Is there a guide how to do it on this forum somewhere? I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. The forum removes bad words, haha 😀 First mod I am planning is leatherette seat covers from "JC Seat Covers", that I found to be recommended here. Second mod I will investigate is some kind of bike rack for my mountainbike.