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  1. Hi , I have Toyota Auris 2017 1.2 automatic car. Car is still under warranty but recently it was making squeaky noise while driving and braking. Got it checked with Toyota service centre and they advised it needs both front and rear brake pads replacing. My car have just done 13500 miles and I drive within town with kids picking and dropping so my driving style is not bad either. I have to get my tyres changed after 8500 miles and now brake pads. I feel like these should be covered under warranty. I never have to change my brake pads before for Yaris and Micra, I drove both for 4+ years before. I thought I am buying good brand and spending more money so I don't have to deal with regular issues. I understand all cars have wear and tear and brake pads do need changing but I feel there is something more to it..... At this age and mileage ideally brake pads shouldn't need replacing. I will speak to Toyota service manager later today but please can I have some thoughts and views so I know how to approach this conversation and get it done under warranty. Looking forward for some valuable input. Thanks