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  1. Car, 2004 yaris t sport. What Should i go for, ive been looking at tein and eibach springs, any reviews from others? 😉
  2. They have a hard life these covers, at least your car is ligther now which means its faster lol 😎
  3. Dont get me wrong , when i painted my front calipers and saw the covers on mine it looked like you had to remove the hub apart, bit of a pita really.. 🤔🤔
  4. Found this.. how and where can i weld a o2 bung on this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/2003-2006-SCION-XB-XA-1NZ-FE-1-PIECE-JDM-4-1-STAINLESS-STEEL-EXHAUST-RACE-HEADER/332314744659?fits=Model:xB|Make:Scion&hash=item4d5f809753:g:FtIAAOSwFXNZc4gS&redirect=mobile
  5. Yeah mines got an o2 sensor so i have to modify.. Ive heard the 2 nz manifold is bigger and is a straight swap🙂
  6. You can get pattern ones on the web. I think you need to remove 3 screws to get Them off, of cause they are stuck on by rust and dirt so make a flat cut and get a big screwdriver to loosen them.
  7. Oh i didnt know that, thanks!
  8. Is there a uprated exhaust manifold for the yaris t sport mk1 1 nzfe engine? Ive seen some manifold for a scion xb which is the yaris in USA but i can see they dont have hole for the o2 sensor..