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  1. Have ticked both of the boxes in the T&C's?
  2. Please do not make such overriding statements. I have a 2.0l TS and it does NOT have an AGM battery. It have a standard gel battery in the boot.
  3. I only use it for satnav. I have seen others that allow videos to be viewed in the car but they seen ridiculously expensive. It would be a lot cheaper and more useful to buy tablet computer and passengers could use it while the car is in motion.
  4. I seem to remember something like this happening a year or so ago after an app update.
  5. I use the ottocast in a UK 2020 Corolla TS It has work d reliably over the last 3 months.
  6. It is in the online account settings accessed via Toyota.co.uk.
  7. Definitely does happen. It has happened to me several times on previous cars, though not on my Corolla. One of the occasions the seats did get wet. I make sure the facility is turned off now. The smaller buttons on the Toyota remote than the VW help.
  8. Try turning Wi-Fi off in the car and just use the Bluetooth to connect to your phone. This cured this issue on my 2020 Excel and do map updates via a usb stick.
  9. Seems like black roof is a new option. I ordered a TS GR in obsidian blue at the weekend. The dealer accidentally spec Ed bi-tone. I noticed that the paint was £800 as opposed to £600 in the configuration. So it must be an option. Aug delivery estimate with little chance of a cancellation being available early as dealers are apparently penalised for fake customer orders customer changes and cancellations now.
  10. Once again someone is making a statement without either checking or qualifying it. I have an Excel with bi-led headlights and it does not have washers. It is UK spec. I tried both types of headlights, the single led ones on a three week loan while waiting for my Excel to be delivered. Once I got the Excel I noticed a considerable improvement in the headlights. One very big advantage that I have noticed that LEDs have over halogens is that they don’t crust up with dirt/salt in the winter.
  11. Check the battery model number against the spec on the manufacturer’s web site. I cannot see any reason to put an AGM battery in a Corolla as it is not used to start the engine. I agree with Catlover, What I referred to as normal lead acid is in fact a gel battery. The days of topping up with deionised water in most modern car battery’s are long gone. The battery in my Mini is obviously an AGM type as it says so on it.
  12. “Your car, a 2.0, with the battery in the boot, will have an AGM battery. A smart charger will work with that.” please be careful with such bold statements, my 2.0lt TS has a normal lead acid battery in the boot.
  13. 2.0 TS left on the drive untouched for four weeks several times during lock down with only 2 to 3 miles drives occasionally between and never a problem with the 12 v battery.
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