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  1. My 2020 TS 2.0lt stood unused outside for 2 weeks during the recent spell. Started without any trouble. It rarely does more than a 7 mile journey these days. Keyless entry has worked every time. No trouble at night when headlights on either.
  2. I forgot to mention, all 1.8 cars have lead acid batteries under the bonnet and 2.0 have AGM in the boot Roy Your statement above is incorrect. My 2.0 TS Excel has a normal maintenance free lead acid battery in the boot. I have confirmed this by inspection and checking the manufacturer’s model number on the battery and with the dealer. Please do not make such unvalidated blanket statements.
  3. I have had several vehicles, mainly VW group, that are just the same. Depending upon where on the front the radar is located they can get obstructed by snow or leaves etc. Skoda had to move their’s from below the bumper to the centre of the grill. The build up obstructs the radar signal, the car then temporarily switches the system off. This is clearly explained in the manual. In fact according to the manual you could think there are more situations when the radar may not work correctly than when it will.
  4. Perfectly normal. They snow build up disrupts the radar signal. All cars do the same.
  5. The battery in my 2020 2.0 TS is a normal low maintenance lead acid in the boot.
  6. This was by far the easiest yet. OTA 48 minutes from the car telling me that the update was available and all complete. Toyota must have improved something, last time it took nearly 2 hours.
  7. Ian.S

    USB ports

    It’s not a power issue, I’ve tried several hubs. CP just will not work through a hub. Many discussions on the Web and on Apple Community.
  8. I’ve not had this on the Corolla but did on a Passat rear wiper. The dealer initially blamed a greasy screen but it quickly restarted after a thorough clean and a new blade. Eventually sorted after 4 blades, all at dealer expense. Never did actually prove the course but it never recurred.
  9. Surely the dealer explained all this at handover. Failing that the manual explains it.
  10. Set up by dealer while sat in the car for delivery handover. It took no more than 5 minutes. It was less time than it took to master the kick to open the the tailgate.
  11. I’ve not had it happen on my Corolla but I have on previous VWs. Also they can randomly dump the station memory and need retuning. Never any fault found though, kept on happening after a head unit change as well. It is a computer after all. Ctrl Alt Del.
  12. Why not fasten the seatbelt around the luggage, with bonus of stopping the luggage getting airborne if you have to stop quickly?
  13. The wonders of modern technology. Fitted a choke at either end of the rear camera cable and problem solved. I suspect the differences that are being experienced are down to varying signal strengths around the country as DAB Is either good or bad with no gradual deterioration like FM.
  14. I have an Excel TS with Nextbase 522GW + rear camera hardwired to fusebox under the glove box using the 12v outlet fuse. The rear camera cable runs down the right hand side of the car above doors into and into the tailgate via the right hand rubber duct then to the camera fitted to the top centre of the rear window. Dab and FM are almost unusable unless in very good signal areas unless I disconnect the rear camera at the main unit. I am in the process of fitting ferrite chokes to the rear camera cable but have not been out for a test drive yet. I’ll report back with progress soon.
  15. My 2020 Excel TS came with the spare wheel as standard. I collected it in January. All spec shown the web and described by the dealer were as delivered except the spare, web said TRK.
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