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  1. I think that this it is normal for ACC systems not to react to already stationary vehicles, the last three VW’s that I have had were just the same. They had very clear warnings in the manual.
  2. Hi Jack Spratt It is a CHOETECH T513-S. It measures 12cm x 7cm. I use it with an iPhone XR and it sits nicely and phone charges without having to fiddle about lining it up on the charger
  3. You can use a usb 2 way splitter in the under dash port. This works fine for 2 usb discs or for a disc and music on a phone but Apple Play will not work through any splitter I have on any car I have had. I don’t know about Android Phones. I have a WiFi charger permanently plugged into the armrest port which is kept in under dash phone slot.
  4. Ian.S

    MyT app

    The fuel icon showing % fuel remaining is on the Car page.
  5. I thought by that my RSA was doing the same but today, in a place where some new 40 signs were put up last night, it detected them and displayed correctly. However, after a few hundred yards it changed back to the old 50 limit but picked up the next 40 repeater and remained correct until the end of the limit.
  6. Ian.S

    MyT app

    Further to my last. If I open MyT from the app icon I normally use I get a non-hybrid version but opening it direct from the App Store it works correctly. Has there been an update that my phone has not picked up? I’ll try a reinstall and let you know what happens.
  7. Ian.S

    MyT app

    Mine has done the same, all trips since getting the car have changed since yesterday.
  8. I’ve had several cars different manufactures with radar systems on them and the all have had the same issue. Even dried road spray can stop it working. Better that it disables Rather than gives erroneous information, it’s only an aid after all.
  9. Ian.S


    When using the DRCC and you pass a speed limit sign for a lower/higher speed limit than you are travelling at you can long press the DRCC +/- buttons to set the DRCC to that speed limit automatically.
  10. Ian.S


    Does it activate the long press on the CC +/- that adjusts the CC speed setting to the RSA detected speed?
  11. I have just ordered a Corolla Excel Sports Tourer and been told that it will have Apple CarPlay, full leather seats and foot wavy boot opening. However the dealer nor me cannot find any info about it. Have any of you got any details?