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  1. I agree with Roy. The switch on the dash stops the lights switching on automatically.
  2. I don’t think it does. I have tried to find it but failed so far. When I spoke to the MyT guys about a MyT issue causing the fuel and door information to vanish they were rather vague about the key link. The fuel and lock issue is known problem, but no fix yet.
  3. Just checked mine and it shows HUSW is v 1020. There are many others with v numbers of 1001, 1005 and others. The car was manufactured 28 Jun. I am not aware that it has done any updates OTA so I presume that it came either this version. Are these system updates done by dealers? Maybe having this version is why I have not been having any of the profile issues.
  4. You could try switching the speed limit display option to ON in the Navigation settings and then compare the 2 speed limit displays to see what the camera is picking up... in our almost permanent road works on the A47 there are regular 40 limits. The satnav shows the 60/70 limits the RSA shows the temporary 40.
  5. Mine has always defaulted to on in all recent Corollas that I’ve had. Never turn it off.
  6. I have never yet signed the deal until collecting the car. Always manage to get extras at that point. This time an extra £2k for my trade in. Always fixed the purchase price at order though.
  7. Headlight flashing is a warning, just like using your horn, not an invitation to move. So the only person at fault would be the one that assumed it meant the latter.
  8. Fair enough. A problem I never had as I only used company or hire cars for work and not my own. I felt that it was not my responsibility to subsidise company travel.
  9. Why does it matter if the trips are recorded, I know where I have been, where I am and how long the journey was without a MyT to tell me.
  10. Nor mine. Perfectly solid and even clean condensation when wound down.
  11. Well some of it also down to numbers af saterlight signals its picking up at one time Please explain
  12. I was dreading having this issue when I collected my GR sport but the profile has never failed to load in the 3 weeks I have had the car. I wonder if it is a manufacture date / phone model issue. Has anyone tried linking the profile to the smart key? I cannot find any way to do it but the manual insists that it can be done. There is no note suggesting that it is model specific.
  13. I experienced this once in our MINI and it turned out to be the USB adapter in the cigar lighter socket. Bought a better one and no more problems. I assume cheap ones have little or no screaming or are just electrically noisy.
  14. Check that you do not have any unsupported files on the flash drive. I have occasionally found that some automation files can be added at the top of the. Directories/folders and that car system just stops and ignores the drive. After deleting them the drives works fine.
  15. I have just sold a 2020 TS Excel 2 lt and it did not have an engine cover but did have the bonnet sound deadening. Now have a 1.8 GS Sport and it is no more noisy, it may even be quieter. Certainly has better mpg not as good as the Yaris curtesy car thought, 94 over a 15 mile mixed rural and town driving.
  16. I agree. Just another unnecessary piece of trim to rattle and make get in the way. Although it might make the engine compartment look tidier I’m sure most owners would never see it.
  17. Ordered mine 2 Feb on 0%. Collecting it today and registered today still on 0%. All details as per order day but with benefit of today’s trade-in value Extra £2k equity.
  18. Mine went into manufacture 24 June and arrived at dealership yesterday morning. Ordered 2 Feb. Only 120 miles from the factory though.
  19. Have ticked both of the boxes in the T&C's?
  20. Please do not make such overriding statements. I have a 2.0l TS and it does NOT have an AGM battery. It have a standard gel battery in the boot.
  21. I only use it for satnav. I have seen others that allow videos to be viewed in the car but they seen ridiculously expensive. It would be a lot cheaper and more useful to buy tablet computer and passengers could use it while the car is in motion.
  22. I seem to remember something like this happening a year or so ago after an app update.
  23. I use the ottocast in a UK 2020 Corolla TS It has work d reliably over the last 3 months.
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