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  1. I have just swapped out the entire instrument panel and the fuel gauge now seems to work but the total mileage on the ODO is reading 11k more miles, its was 113871 and now 124794. Is there anyway to get it set back to the original miles? I did think the ODO was stored on the ECU. thanks Penny
  2. Hi, Ive had my Rav4 2004 for 2 weeks and every time I turn him on the fuel gauge shows different amounts of fuel, its even gone right over to like 2 o clock (1.5 tanks fuel). I have taken the plastic front off to turn the dial to zero with engine off and i did notice a slight noise/resistance when turning it, So at the moment i have no idea on what fuel i have so using the ODO trip2 to show miles. I was wondering about changing the instrument panel but concerned about the replacement showing the incorrect total ODO miles. Any ideas please? thank you in advance Penny xxx
  3. Thank you so much IanML, I am about to call a few car dealer locksmiths for quotes as i already have been given a black spare key, just hope the only key they gave me lasts as its held together with tape!!! xxxxx
  4. Thank you Heidfirst, I checked but nothing there for the security system and setting up key fobs. xxxx
  5. Hi, I just got my Rav4 yesterday and I have no manuals at all for anything and I have no idea how to use/setup a spare key fob as my only fob given is like broken and taped up but I do have a spare un-cut key fob that looks the same in every detail but i have no idea how to set this 1 up or how the alarm works. Any information would help please. thank you xxxx