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  1. I have just had the high level brake light off again. Cleaned it and the opening and applied loads of sealant. Also injected some around the bump stop. Everything else is lower than where it is dripping in. Rain is more effective than a hosepipe - so let's see if it rains in the night. Is there anything to investigate under the strip along the roof?
  2. The high level light has been siliconed - even the screw heads have been covered.It was removed and cleaned - sealant applied and then refited.
  3. Not from my photo that it is higher than the bumper and the car is not being driven (for a few months now). If I silicone inside then I could end up with water still entering and getting trapped somewhere. I want to stop it getting in.
  4. #I took this today - you can see a drip forming.
  5. My wifes 2009 Aygo is out of use at the moment - sat on the drive as my wife is waiting for a foot injury to heal. There is rain coming into the drivers side rear. I have taken out the carpets and dried it. I have removed and sealed the high brake light, I have applied sealant to the groove in the boot seal and refitted it. I have checked the rear lights. On careful checking after rain, I can see that water has dripped down from above the rear light recess. Any suggestions? Hard to replicate with a hose pipe - but rain gets in!
  6. Ours is still leaking into the offside rear boot. I have removed a lot of trim for access and find that the water seems to be coming in from above the reat light. I have re-sealed the high brake light. I am at a loss!
  7. I have just fixed ours! I found that water was getting behind the boot window seal - not between the seal and the glass - but between the rubber and the metal rim. I removed the seal and filled the channel that fits over the metal with a sealant and then refixed the seal. Tested the next day with a hose and a dry as can be. I had already done the high level brake light and rear lights.