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  1. If it works fine then I'd just carry on driving it until it becomes an issue then get a new clutch. That's exactly what happened with my MK1. I have that annoying click too (even with the new clutch) and I shall try your solution!
  2. Where's the heater matrix? It might be that leaking.
  3. Is there no one nearby who can help you with this? I would but you're the wrong end of the country to me.
  4. They are indeed terrific little cars. And +1 for Yuasa.
  5. Yes, it was an exact match and a 400ml can too. Loads left...and I'll probably need it!
  6. I had the same issue. I rang Toyota GB and gave them my reg number, they told me the code and colour of the paint. I then bought a rattle can from eBay for about £12. I shudder to think what it would have cost from Toyota!
  7. I think you'd be better off just buying a 1.3 Yaris. And you say reached it's limit at 300k. Why is this the car's limit? Surely it can do many more kilometres.
  8. I use a jewellers kit. Comes with a host of tiny screwdrivers and about £4 off eBay.
  9. I think I can do this myself. Done it on other cars just never heard it called a constant velocity anything before!
  10. I've seen some that use jubilee clips to hold them together. Might be worth a go.
  11. So my little Yaris sailed through her MOT...I was amazed, but this was the advisory. I take it they mean the little rubber bootie that goes around the propshaft? And I bet I need to get her up on ramps to do the job!! 😁
  12. Thanks chaps. Lots of things to bear in mind when a test drive looms!
  13. Hi guys Thinking of buying this car...anything I should be aware of? My poor little 2003 Yaris is falling apart (back box decided to separate itself from the rest of the exhaust today) and after buying a new clutch, alternator, 4 tyres, wheel bearings, battery and drop link bushes I think she's telling me 'get a newer car!'.
  14. I would imagine they are just rubber grommets. Take one to your local hardware shop, they'll have some the right size.
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