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  1. Thanks John I'll check that.
  2. Poke a little bit of Blu Tac in the hole. Hopefully the needle will come out with it.
  3. Hi everyone This afternoon I noticed the inside of my girlfriends car...the windscreen was dripping wet. All the other windows were dry as a bone. I thought at first maybe a door seal had gone but surely then some other windows would have been wet too. Any ideas on what's causing this? Alex
  4. Another option is a cassette adapter. Goes into the tape player with a cable that connects to an ipod or a phone. It's what I use. About £2 off eBay.
  5. Bit of relief here. New clutch is in and no more release bearing death rattle. The whining problem turns out to be the alternator. Easy enough and I will order one!
  6. It needs a new clutch regardless but before they start I'll ask them to take it for a spin and see what they say. Thanks for all the advice everyone.
  7. I like my Yaris. Don't know about everyone else but I form a bit of an emotional attachment to my bikes and cars! Did a bit of ringing around and best price is £360 including parts labour and VAT. She goes under the knife, sorry, spanner, on Wednesday.
  8. So it's a bit of doom and gloom then. I can do most things but not a clutch. They seem cheap enough for the kit but gawd knows how much to get one fitted. Might be cheaper to get another car!
  9. My 1.0 vvti had a knackered clutch release bearing when I bought it, and that makes a noise sometimes but today a whole new one! Clutch pressed in, all fine, release it and drive off the whine starts and gets louder the faster I go. The noise goes away completely when I depress the clutch pedal or I'm sitting in neutral. Could this be a gearbox issue (box seems fine to me) or maybe the water pump? I hope someone has an idea and that it won't cost the earth to fix!
  10. Yes it sounds like you need a new door card. Wonder why they cut out the handle though. And by 'rally' what do you mean?
  11. A great little story. Had mine over a year (cost £400 lol) and for the MOT one wheel bearing and rear brakes. That was it. Just get in it and drive, Cracking cars.
  12. Very surprised there isn't one. Is there a USB socket instead? Perhaps you could use that via some kind of adaptor.
  13. Every day's a school day lol!
  14. Did you ever discover what on earth 'left hand drive tyres' are? As far as I'm aware there is no such thing!
  15. Thanks for that, and interesting to know too!
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