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  1. Haha! I've had a look and there is a tiny bit of rust on the bottom of one arch, Easy to get rid of so that's the next job,,,and maybe repair a couple of dents too!
  2. Yes my Suzuki truck is now 38 years old but has NO rust on the underside! Quite amazing really. But like this Yaris for the last 7 years the bearing has made a din and it's still going fine. Fingers crossed this little car will last a while yet.
  3. 90,000 miles. Yep drive it till it stops then scrap it. Cost £400 with a years MOT so spending money on it is a bit pointless.
  4. The noise is still there. Funny thing is it goes away when I depress the clutch pedal, yet the clutch itself works fine. Bit stumped on this one. I really don't want to shell out on a new clutch if possible!
  5. Figured out the 'clicking'. Turned out to be the exhaust clanging around. Sounds like a click when driving, a clang when listening with the bonnet up. Easy fix though!
  6. Whatever the noise is it's stopped! But I am going to check everything under the bonnet. Did an oil/filter change just to be on the safe side. Trying to find the correct tyre pressures is tricky as every site says my wheels are 14" byt the tyres are 13"! So I did 30psi all round. Oh and ordered a cassette to MP3 coverter...
  7. Thanks for the info going to get it done today!
  8. Hi everyone. Just bought this yesterday as my truck needs major surgery. I do like this car though, very quiet and comfy. Some niggles. Squeaking clutch pedal, hoping some lube will fix that but last night there was a strange clicking noise from the front of the engine. I assumed it was the fan hitting a loose wire or something but opening the bonnet...where's the fan? Also the car has no temperature gauge (odd) and the stereo is a cassette player lol. Is it easy to plumb in a CD playet? Thanks, Alex.