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  1. Could it be as simple as an HT lead? I had this issue with my Suzuki. Swap one lead over and see if the problem migrates...
  2. An older post but I was going to suggest getting the front wheels off the ground on axle stands and feel for any play in them. Could be a wheel bearing starting to go.
  3. Faulty ignition switch maybe or fuel pump knackered. I'd try the fuel pump first.
  4. Thanks everyone. Feel a bit of a berk as last night she went outside and in the dark put the cover it is the right one!
  5. Puzzled here. Girlfriends 2008 Yaris needs a new mirror cover (old one long gone after a car parking ding) so I got a new one and resprayed it. There are 6 clips on the cover and whilst the lower 3 line up and fit fine I can't seem to get the top ones to click in. Is there a knack to doing this?
  6. Cheers Bob! Lots more of those about but none nearby. I will bide my time...something will crop up
  7. MX5 wheels bolt straight on? Interesting....
  8. Cheers! Another set to keep an eye out for.
  9. Sounds like a bad earth somewhere. Hopefully someone else here knows a bit more!
  10. Thanks for the tip. Yes it's a T2, I have to admit the 13" wheels make it look like a roller skate. Time for a change and yes my insurers will be informed!
  11. It's a 2003 vvti 1.0 litre and yes the wheels are very small. A friend has a 2008 one with 15" wheels so I'll do a test swap just to make sure they fit ok. I do think they are the original wheels as when I got the car it had some very tatty but genuine Toyota wheel trims on it. Thanks for the replies everyone 😀
  12. My steel wheels (13") are manky as hell. Trying to find new or used alloys that size is seemingly impossible. Can I fit 14" wheels? I know I'll lose a bit of acceleration...but it doesn't exactly scream away from the traffic lights!