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  1. If it works fine then I'd just carry on driving it until it becomes an issue then get a new clutch. That's exactly what happened with my MK1. I have that annoying click too (even with the new clutch) and I shall try your solution!
  2. Where's the heater matrix? It might be that leaking.
  3. Is there no one nearby who can help you with this? I would but you're the wrong end of the country to me.
  4. They are indeed terrific little cars. And +1 for Yuasa.
  5. Yes, it was an exact match and a 400ml can too. Loads left...and I'll probably need it!
  6. I had the same issue. I rang Toyota GB and gave them my reg number, they told me the code and colour of the paint. I then bought a rattle can from eBay for about £12. I shudder to think what it would have cost from Toyota!
  7. I think you'd be better off just buying a 1.3 Yaris. And you say reached it's limit at 300k. Why is this the car's limit? Surely it can do many more kilometres.
  8. I use a jewellers kit. Comes with a host of tiny screwdrivers and about £4 off eBay.
  9. I think I can do this myself. Done it on other cars just never heard it called a constant velocity anything before!
  10. I've seen some that use jubilee clips to hold them together. Might be worth a go.
  11. So my little Yaris sailed through her MOT...I was amazed, but this was the advisory. I take it they mean the little rubber bootie that goes around the propshaft? And I bet I need to get her up on ramps to do the job!! 😁
  12. Thanks chaps. Lots of things to bear in mind when a test drive looms!
  13. Hi guys Thinking of buying this car...anything I should be aware of? My poor little 2003 Yaris is falling apart (back box decided to separate itself from the rest of the exhaust today) and after buying a new clutch, alternator, 4 tyres, wheel bearings, battery and drop link bushes I think she's telling me 'get a newer car!'.
  14. I would imagine they are just rubber grommets. Take one to your local hardware shop, they'll have some the right size.
  15. Does the speedo read in KMH as well?
  16. I had the same issue with my girlfriends car. I couldn't work it out at all. She strolled over and 'click', in it went. So my advice is find a woman to do it for you 😁
  17. I understand that, but Flux didn't advise me to go elsewhere. If they had, and had been honest in the first place I'd still be using them. Sheila's Wheels of all places quoted me just over £200 FC.
  18. I can tell you about Flux. I was with them for about 20 years insuring my Suzuki 4x4's. Last one was a heavily modified 1981 LJ80, and with an agreed value of £8K and all mods declared FC was about £150. This also included being insured off road. When I got my 2003 1.0l Yaris I asked them for a quote. 3rd party only was the cheapest option and it was £540. Needless to say I have never used them again.
  19. I shall check that too. If the mats are wet then there must be a leak somewhere...
  20. Poke a little bit of Blu Tac in the hole. Hopefully the needle will come out with it.
  21. Hi everyone This afternoon I noticed the inside of my girlfriends car...the windscreen was dripping wet. All the other windows were dry as a bone. I thought at first maybe a door seal had gone but surely then some other windows would have been wet too. Any ideas on what's causing this? Alex
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