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  1. I've had a look around the online parts websites and am fairly confident that there's a lot of commonality so no worries on that score . Must say that I'm surprised I can't find any handbooks online, I've not come across this issue before with other makes. The Toyota website seems to only carry the latest vehicles that are in production.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm joining the Toyota universe with a HiAce minubus which I'll use as a campervan. I've had Citroen Berlingos for the past few years but finding them a bit cramped for camping so thought I'd take a step up.
  3. Thanks for the info folks. I hadn't come across ToyoDIY or megazip so took a look, very interesting stuff. Is there anything that would give the design kerb & gross weights? Also, are there any handbooks or owners / workshop manuals online?
  4. Hi, does anyone have a spec sheet for the Versa? I can find info on the 280 & 300 Hiaces, but hardly anything at all on the 250. On a more general note, are there any links to handbooks or manuals? I've looked on Toyota-Tech but not found anything. Thanks