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  1. Hi. I've just replaced a few components on the ear including backplate, handbrake shoes, cables and fitting kit. The handbrake isn't holding well at all anymore. It's been adjusted at the back and at the lever, the lever/cables feel tight but the handbrake just isn't holding the car well at all. I havent changed the adjusters and struts because other than muck from 16 years of driving they seemed to be ok. I also didn't change the discs...but if the handbrake had been sticking on for some time could there be uneven wear/warping inside the drum? I cleaned the inside of them with emery paper to remove surface rust and they seemed ok but...there's double in my mind...any thoughts? Thanks
  2. Hi. I'm changing my head unit from one aftermarket unit to another. Currently I've been using the surround that comes with the pre-face lift models (that had the Sony CD/cassette head unit) and it's been fine... Now I'm swapping out for a touchscreen unit but....that surround strangely doesn't fit.it's just not quite big enough to go around the front panel! Also it sits further back behind the surround which makes it a bit awkward to use (especially the volume knob/control buttons). You can see the old the surround I'm talking about in this pic here. Sorry about the quality, the pic is about 10 years old :) As you can see it wraps around the entire head unit. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks :)