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  1. Just a bit of a tip for anyone who has the 2.7 engines-if you have an annoying check engine light coming up on and off at different times with P10171(lean bank 1) code(especially if it comes up while idling) then after extensive checking and looking at all the suspects(dirty Maf,leaking pipes,O2 sensor,dirty air cleaner,dirty fuel filter,faulty fuel pump, or leaking gaskets) and it still keeps coming up-in my case have found the real problem-Simply replace all your o-rings and rubbers on your injectors as they tend to shrink with age and heat and start to suck extra air into motor which the ecu sees with the O2 sensor output-straight away things start getting better and fuel economy improves as ecu doesn't have to try and make the trims richer to compensate for the extra air-this problem has even stumped a large number of Toyota service people -just thought I would pass it on😀