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  1. Charlie L

    IQ Wanted

    Thank You very much en8wall69 That was excellent information, really helpful. I think this will be an ideal car for my wife as she only does 5k miles a year on mainly B roads and the odd jaunt on an A road to the shops. On the very rare occasion she has to carry passengers she can squeeze a couple in, might stop them asking for a lift its too cramped!!! I was expecting a flurry of people offering used ones for sale in the Kent area, oh well the search continues. Thank you once again for the information.
  2. Charlie L

    IQ Wanted

    Hi, I am looking for an Auto IQ for my Wife. What should i check for when looking at used IQ`s? Your advice is eagerly awaited!!!
  3. Charlie L

    IQ Wanted

    Hi, I am based in Kent and looking for an Auto IQ, Low miles, very good condition.