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  1. No they just said that there were many driving factors, but wouldn’t elaborate.
  2. Hi ive had my Ch-r Dynamic now for just under 12 months and really love it, but in the last few weeks I’ve had an issue with the 12v battery level dropping to below 10v and the hybrid system fails to start. I have called out Toyota assist three times now. I have spoken to two local dealers who tell me that is is not a known fault, although on other Ch-r forums it is mentioned often. Toyota customer services have indicated that it may be the manner in which the car is driven!! It is now booked into a local dealer to check that nothing is drawing the battery while it’s parked overnight. The car has only done 9000, and is driven at least 15 miles a day, but occasionally gets left for two or three days, then the problem occurs. I also own a 10 yr old Lexus hybrid, which gets left on drive for two or three weeks at a time and never has this issue. Has anybody else had similar issues?
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