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  1. Hi there! I have an 2014 Auris with a parking assist and usually that thing parks beautifully. Always be aware of the surroundings because sometimes the car can turn the wheel before and colide with the car in front.
  2. Hi there. Have you checked the O2 sensors fuse? The errors are a bit annoying. Maybe the sensors are old or can be dirt in the system. Check the connections between the sensors and the ECU, can be a short circuit too.
  3. Even if you can make a connection to the H7 bulb, I think that the H7 will not fit the original bracket of the HID bulb
  4. Hi there. Maybe the car doesn't like that O2 sensor. Some ECU's are extremely annoyed by some sensor data. I had a P0133 with a new meat&doria O2 sensor and the sensor died a few months later. Replaced with Denso O2 sensors. All ok 'till today
  5. Hi there. I think that is not possible to change from HID bulbs to Halogen bulbs because the slot is different. The H7 bulb have a different slot from the HID ones. Beside that, you also need to get aditional power cables because HID lights work with thousands of volts (at startup) but then they keep at 35 or 84 volt, depending if the car is pre-facelift or post-facelift
  6. Hi! As a Avensis driver with lowered springs (TTE kit) I can tell you that those 25mm lowered look really nice, like a sports car but on some rough roads, you can feel a bit more but in my case, mine have 215/45 R17 tyres, so low profile = harder but still a pleasurable driving
  7. Hi there. The Avensis T25 has a chronical problem. The lens became burned out and light became dimmer over the time. There's a kit from retrofitlab that can be installed who restores the xenon like it was supposed to be. I have installed that and now if I drive a car with normal halogen lights, I miss that xenon power. The guy who installed me the new lights also repaired the glass, so the headlight became just as new
  8. Hello. Yes. I apollogize for the delay but I was away for a long time. Here's the deal: On the back of the combination meter, you have 2 sockets. One blue and one white. The C11 is the white socket. The image that I attached have the sockets faced towards you. You have to insert a wire in that space or eventually a pin to make contact and then you have to bring the wire to the steering wheel. Near the ignition switch there's a socket like this: In this socket (or a socket almost like this) you have to connect the wire that came from the combination meter
  9. Put the car in a leveled place and perform one test: Engage first gear and rev it to almost redline, if the car moves, can be an hydraulic leak and need to get bleed because the clutch don't release completely. I have an avensis 2.0 wich sometimes slipped and others don't so can also be your case. The rivets were almost facing the material, so the clutch was trash but sometimes still could drive normally even on higher acceleration.
  10. Whell... the computer will then use the mappings but eventually can go into limp mode. But i'm pointing to the lack of fuel. Try change the fuel filter. When was the last time that you have changed? Some filters are inside the pump and those unfortunately are irreplaceable
  11. Have you tried to disconnect the oxygen sensors to see if anything changes? The fuel pump is usually under the back seat but is a bit difficult to take off
  12. Try disconnecting the MAF sensor and see if it makes any difference. Without the MAF, the car should use the standard maps stored in the memory but also can cause it to go into limp mode. Anyway, it is a simple test.
  13. Humm they are in different fuses but can be a coincidence of both gone at the same time. Does your car have HID headlights?
  14. Hi there. I'm sorry about asking this but have you checked the bulbs? In some cases (rare, I think), when a bulb burns, the fuse also goes bad
  15. Some four cylinders have 2 banks, for example, engine 1AZ-FSE. Is the fuel filter and the pump ok? Can be a lack of fuel pressure in high rpm. Also check the MAF, since going that high RPM sometimes use MAF instead of oxygen sensors (Open loop)
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