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  1. The pressure sensor reading didn’t really change, probably didn’t need changing.. one of the hoses that goes on the differential sensor was blowing out hot air, like really really hot.. I’m gonna check for any blockages on the cat side..
  2. Ive got an eml light on, I checked it with techstream and it comes up with p2463 diesel filter restriction on my Auris 1.4 d4d 2014, Car has done 72000 miles what I’ve done so far to try to get the eml to go off. - removed dpf and cat and used a dpf solution and jet wash to clean. Fitted back to car. Light stayed off for about 2 days. - used wynes dpf cleaner in the fuel, every time the light goes off after half an hour but then comes back on. -replaced differential pressure sensor with a used working one off eBay. - looked for pulsation in differential pressure sensor pipes and blew compressed air into both of them. - used techstream to try to do a static regen. Checked dpf pressure and it seems a bit high compared to my dads Auris. I have just serviced the car using genuine parts and oil. Made sure not to overfill the oil as I did this on my dads Auris and this caused the dpf to stop regenerating. Now I’m scratching my head cos I can’t work out what’s causing the p2463. someone has mentioned removing the cat and cleaning that out because I didn’t clean that when I removed it with the dpf. also maybe it’s a badly sooted up egr causing this? Anyone have any ideas on what it may be, also has anyone had theirs mapped out on this engine. I am considering this as a last option as I’ve never had a problem on a car that’s taken this long to figure out. any help would be massively appreciated