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  1. Lease companys.. Leaseplan,Tec will bulk but cars, often 10 at a time so they get the best deal and this will cause delays
  2. ok reply from Toyota " Good Morning Chris, Thank you for your email confirming the details of your Toyota RAV4. I have asked our Multimedia department for advice on this issue and I am sorry to say the system is designed to run in alphabetical order I am afraid. However the order can be changed can adding all desired tracks to a playlist. I apologise again for any inconvenience but I hope this has helped and thank you for contacting Toyota. Kind regards ------------------------------------------------------------- except According to the manual
  3. sorry to bump this but used foobar renamed all tracks which are listed under windows in correct order 1,2,3,4,5 etc etc, but it still does it alphabetically ignores the numbers... do I have to cahnge the "details" tab on each file to something else not just the title?
  4. well I will give that a try..... all 21gb of thm!
  5. sounds about right, I get 52ish MPG avereage out over A road, Motorway and b road
  6. It happily picks up the album, but when it gets to the tracks it does them alpabetically
  7. Thanks I will give it a look
  8. PeteB.. there must be a way.. I had the same problem with my Nissan but then worked it out... maybe a call to Toyota...
  9. It sgreat to have Carplay etc etc, but I have my entire cd collection on a USB stick, 32gb and yes its recognized and everything appears... My Problem... how do I get Album tracks to play in the correct order and not alphabetical... I knows its a bit of a first world problem but its really irritating to her a randomly played Dark Side of the Moon!! I took the first " I'm bloke I will work it out " approach and that got me nowhere. Plan B RTFM.. Read the flippin manual............... I still cant find out how to do it... this is the same USB key I used in my xtrail and I had obviously worked out how to do it on there 3 years ago but I cannot find out how do it in my Freshly minted RAV4
  10. got mine today, Carplay, AA, Excel in Tokyo red, drove Shrewsbury to manchester 54mpg that will do for me
  11. My AWD Toyota Red Excel will be delivered to the dealer on 10th March, it is a 20.5 so has AA\carplay Ordered first week in October
  12. I would suggest you test drive one, anyones opinion on sound levels etc is very subjective and is dependent on height weight etc etc
  13. Think there is 2 Toyota dealers in Shrewsbury, oddly enough I spoke to someone today who took deliveries of several Audis from leaseplan delivered to 5 different offices throughout the Uk and they all had consecutive Reg Plates, all from a dealer in Portsmouth
  14. My bitter experience through Leaseplan was their Bulk buy policy, it was never individual orders, they would wait until they had reach a threshold then go to dealers with the specs and order them, even if they were existing stock, it meany my Mercedes SLK was delivered from Newcastle to Shrop****e and my Alfa Romeo came from Northampton. Hopefully it will have Carplay, but the ship is due to dock 1st march and there is usually a delay of 2 weeks to get them out to dealers, checks etc etc so it will interesting to see what spec yours is
  15. Just been told my 20.5 AWD with CarPlay etc is due for delivery to the dealer 2nd week of march, as was promised last October