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  1. or get the Chauffeur to close it for you!!!
  2. First 20.5 are due in early March.. build started first working day of 2020... I presume after New Years Day holiday
  3. chris ha

    Cd drive

    I just hope the RAV audio system is good enough for Lossless, I can appreciate on my Naim system but not sure it would be worth it with Road noise etc etc
  4. chris ha

    Cd drive

    you would much better off copyng them onto a usb stick, tkes 5 mins on a laptop to convert them, and a usb stick can hold thousands of tracks
  5. earliest delivery in UK with car play will be March 2020
  6. dont think so, not sure its that clever!
  7. I suppose it depends on where the Lease company are sourcing their cars from, you might have placed an order with them but maybe they get a few orders for the same car to get a bit of purchase clout.... just a thought
  8. I do agree to a certain extent, I nearly wiped out a mother who was gazing at her home with her push chair and walked straight out in front of me on a main road
  9. There are issues with the Toyota tracking system apparently
  10. thats just his signature, he moved you to the RAV 4 forum
  11. Toyota Bulletin came out today, states that all orders taken from today will be for 20.5 Careplay AA etc
  12. I assume its only a firmware\software, there was a mention of fitting a different microphone but at £50 I doubt that, labour is expensive, but if it just involves a bit of software its feasible
  13. My daughter rear ended ( her fault ) a car in her 3 week old Juke, she had damage on bonnet, wing etc, the insurance wrote it off!, she was covered by insurance so ordered a replacement, a few weeks later she had a letter from someone who had bought the car in an auction asking if she had the spare keys
  14. well if thats what it say's on your order thats what you will get