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  1. its just firmware then!!!! easy peasey
  2. £150 for a firmware upgrade is a bit steep really, if you are having a service at the same time can't see why they dont just do it. No hardware it is no harder than updating your maps, android\linux is very quick and easy
  3. agreed Good news and considerably than the other quotes of 500 -8000, wonder what it consists of? especially if you get discount if you are having it done during a service
  4. well thats much better than the £500 - £800 being kicked about on here
  5. Webex is supported on carplay, its a Cisco app, but also it records conf calls for legal reasons, Devon Aygo.. you are price protected but since Toyota wont have any 2019 models left, anything manufactured after end of december 2019 will be a 2020 model so even if you ordered in early september they are going to have to give you a 2020
  6. Toyota needs the dealers as much as the dealers need Toyota, when I ordered mine, there was a lot of phone calls since I was insistent on Car Play, without it I was going to walk, so was the wife with her CH-R order, I need the ability to use Webex ( a Phone conferencing facility ) whilst driving, its a App on Android or Apple, otherwise I would have to stop the car and dial in, use conference access codes etc etc, Over the 2 hours of back and fore calls it was finally agreed that March would have it as standard, its in writing, and this was before any announcements, Toyota are lucky in that they sell all they make but once the 2020 is out, no one would want a 2019 without a decent discount.
  7. Well that obvious, but if the dealer has an agreement with Toyota for sales targets, turnover and as a dealership exclusivity for Toyota, they will be pushed to sell as many as they can... I cant see Toyota then saying "sorry guv, I know we said it was £36k when you took the order but we cant meet that anymore because we have updated the car because we could not deliver, tell your Punter its gone up £800\£500" ......Wont happen, repricing is illegal under consumer protection act 1986 Its an agreement with the Manufacturers agents ( the Dealership ) which will result in the right for the customer to walk away from the deal, the dealer wont want that so Toyota will take the hit in the few hundred car likely to be affected
  8. The Charging extra for the 20.5 version will be a bit tricky, when I placed my order early at an agreed price, it was Toyota who could not deliver until March, not my fault, they cant meet their side of the deal, they take the hit not me
  9. Well from my limited but exhaustive digging, its not a Hardware upgrade, but a Software one, there will be a change in the firmware then the "OS" I get the distinct impression that theres nothing to change as the chipset installed since from OCT\Nov should support CarPlay once patched to the correct higher level, its a ll a bit smoke and mirrors at the moment
  10. Spoke to them again today and they said first 20.5 with Car Play wont land in UK until early March 2020
  11. there is something doing the rounds that pre 30th September orders there are no price increase, its here somewhere