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  1. chris ha


    I have the same issue, the so called "scouts" screen that show other users with 10 miles of you has never moved from zero even on a drive through birmingham, I am begging to think I am the only person in the Uk using it
  2. I thought I would give Coyote a go, paid my £37, installed fine, apparently it is supposed to show you who else is on the road with Coyote " scouts" as the refer to them... I have driven miles including through the center of birmingham and it has never moved off zero....... am I the only one in the uk using it?
  3. I find the best way to update is to park in your drive and connect it to the home wi fi, its all done in 10 minutes
  4. I do think Trail mode has its uses in snow,
  5. is it on by default on a 20202 rav 4 excel?
  6. you could test it, seems odd but go to b and q buy a odd roll of wall paper, get too mates to unroll it across a quiet road on an indutrial estate on a sunday, and driver towards its.... tats what I did!!
  7. that seems odd, I have had very few complaints in fact a few dont realise I am in the car..
  8. google maps has the option to download off line maps, just download the one you want and thenit does not need a phone signal
  9. Lease companys.. Leaseplan,Tec will bulk but cars, often 10 at a time so they get the best deal and this will cause delays
  10. ok reply from Toyota " Good Morning Chris, Thank you for your email confirming the details of your Toyota RAV4. I have asked our Multimedia department for advice on this issue and I am sorry to say the system is designed to run in alphabetical order I am afraid. However the order can be changed can adding all desired tracks to a playlist. I apologise again for any inconvenience but I hope this has helped and thank you for contacting Toyota. Kind regards ------------------------------------------------------------- except According to
  11. sorry to bump this but used foobar renamed all tracks which are listed under windows in correct order 1,2,3,4,5 etc etc, but it still does it alphabetically ignores the numbers... do I have to cahnge the "details" tab on each file to something else not just the title?
  12. well I will give that a try..... all 21gb of thm!
  13. sounds about right, I get 52ish MPG avereage out over A road, Motorway and b road
  14. It happily picks up the album, but when it gets to the tracks it does them alpabetically
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