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  1. Update - Last month my 64-reg was MOT'd and failed due to the headlights. Toyota (Steven Eagell, St. Ives Cambs) provided me with a courtesy car (and then a hire car so they could have their courtesy car back) and eventually once Toyota GB had supplied the new headlights replaced them both 100% free of charge. They even said they had multiple cars waiting for the same fix. No questions asked or any upfront payment necessary from myself. I have to say that Toyota (Steven Eagell) were excellent in keeping me updated, the main delays were from Toyota GB.
  2. Update (July 2020) - MOT due in October so now time to take this up with the dealership. So contacting Steven Eagell Toyota (St. Ives) today and will see what response I get before possibly escalating it to Toyota GB. Will update once I hear. btw there is a recall on my vehicle: Confirmation “We have identified that your Toyota is subject to a voluntary customer service campaign or outstanding safety recall.” This can be rectified at no cost. Not sure what this is related to headlight or not? but have asked dealership anyway.
  3. Thanks Holiday786, I didn't realise you could extend the warranty, odd how the local dealership that has seen my car for 2 years now didn't mention it, especially with the issue with the beam. I'll look into it :)
  4. Hi Gerg, I'll look into this with my local dealer and get back to you with any resolution/findings Cheers, Matt
  5. Found a similar forum topic (Headlight Recall R/2016/169) which is slightly confusing. I'll follow up with Toyota I think. Thanks for your help
  6. The vehicles concerned may have been equipped with a headlamp service part with incorrect specification. As a result, light distribution may be affected and there is a risk of the lights blinding drivers coming in the opposite direction. The recall concerns vehicles which have been produced from October 2012 through May 2015. My vehicle was first registered in Sept 2014 - so I'll follow up with Toyota
  7. Thanks Frostyballs for the quick reply. Just checked the recall checker and nothing pending on my 64-reg Auris. I'll check out the recall elsewhere (i.e Google!) as mine is a 2nd gen Auris (pre-facelift) I believe
  8. Update - actual MOT certificate states: Headlamp lens slightly defective Nearside and Offside [4.1.1 (b) (i)]
  9. 64-reg Auris Touring Hybrid, had since 2017. Recent MOT (post 5 year warranty) passed but advisory on "both headlamp beam patterns slightly defective", told that it may fail next MOT and cost to replace is £626.14. Asked if I had been previously advised of this 'known issue with the Auris?' I had not, and even had car serviced a few months earlier, just prior to the 5 year warranty expiry and was not informed of this issue then. I asked why I was being informed of this just after the warranty expiry - no real answer, then told that Toyota may perform a recall on this known issue. Has anyone had a similar issue with their headlamp beam patterns? Would be good to know, as my next step is to contact Toyota directly to sort out this potential costly fault. First time on this forum, so sorry if this topic has been answered previously. Thanks for any help/advice.
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