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  1. Hi yes we got all the info, it’s just not worth me spending that amount on it unfortunately. Regarding the bumper, Someone clipped the right hand side of mine a few months ago and it pinged off! Needed a whole new bumper / back panel!
  2. Hi I thought I’d give an update...took my Aygo to a Toyota garage where they did a water test, turns out the water is getting several places and they’ve quoted £585 to fix it all. As my Aygo is over 10 years old I’m planning on buying a new car as it’s not really worth spending that amount on it. Seems like everyone I know who has an Aygo has a problem with water getting into the boot, it’s really not good enough for them to be made like this. When you buy a car you expect it to be watertight!
  3. Hi all I’ve had my Toyota Aygo since around 2011 (made in 2008) and on and off I’ve had problems with rainwater getting in through the back windows, making the back seats wet and also water sitting in my spare wheel area, also making the material in the boot wet. My car was recently was recalled to have the seals on the back windows replaced so I was hoping this would help. However, today I’ve noticed the back seats are wet again and there is water sitting around my spare tyre. Is this a common or known problem or unique to my car? If anyone else has had this problem, how did you rectify it please? Thank you in advance for any help. DizzyDi