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  1. I'm looking at a Yaris for my mom, and she prefers to have the new design with the big screen android auto setup. Which Yaris' has this, as I've seen some with, and some without. What years too? Does the yaris have wireless Android Auto? Thank you
  2. Hey all! I just had a quick question about the service at Toyota. This is my first service. How long does a typical interim service take? Toyota offers a courtesy car for £12, is there any age restrictions? This is my first service, do I need to tell them not to proceed with any additionals without contacting me? Should I also ask them not to clean my car, as I've read online that people had scratches appear? Thanks
  3. Hello. I have owned my 1.5 Petrol Toyota Yaris Icon Tech Manual 2019 for nearly a year (around 7k miles). On the Toyota website, when I input mileage and reg, it recommends an interim service, however I thought you would get a full service per year. Which one should I get, and will the warranty still be valid with interim? Also, I'm looking at ATS and comparing prices elsewhere before booking the service. Would you recommend to go with Toyota, or someone else like ATS? Thanks
  4. Hi. I was fitting my dash cam in my car, and noticed what looked like a camera lens in the mirror. I saw online that there could be a dash cam fitted in the car. So I was wondering is this an active dash cam, or how can it be used? Thanks
  5. Yes, I think it was used as a courtesy car. Are they pretty much the same drive, other than the interior and design?
  6. Hi. I am looking at purchasing a new Yaris, I have found a Yaris Y20 with 6K on the clock, for £12,990, and a brand new delivery miles Icon Tech for £11,397. Which one would you recommend for me to buy, and why? Is the Y20 worth the extra? Thanks
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