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  1. I'm interested to know....Is there such a thing as an independent garage, that specialise in Toyota? Or do most people pay top dollar and go to their Toyota main dealer?
  2. Hi James, I can't open this file, is there anyway you can send it over again please? .... Thanks,
  3. Hello, Could anyone tell me if they've experienced problems with their Heater/AC control panel unit? Mine has stopped working completely! No heating or windscreen de-mister front/rear, which at this time of year is very problematic. This whole scenario started in back in August, when I paid Kwik-Fit to carry out a re-gas and de-bug on the vehicle. The frustrating thing is, my control panel unit was working normally, ( apart from the A/C ) it stopped working when a member of staff took the control panel out of the dash, ( in order to find the serial number which was located on the back ) as Kwik-Fit told me I needed to buy a new control panel unit. Fast forward, I took my car to Toyota Main dealership this week, for them to carry out some investigation work. Toyota told me that in order to get the Heater/AC control panel unit working, they need to replace something called an ‘Amplifier Assembly' part no. 88650-74031 which is going to cost over £700.00 ( part / labour + VAT ). They didn’t charge me for labour, so I'm wondering how much investigation work they actually did. Has anyone tried to replace an Amplifier Assy Air Conditioner, themselves? Is it very difficult? Any helpful advise would be very gratefully received. Thank you.
  4. I'm new to Forum. I haven’t owned a Toyota until recently and I am enjoying driving my little car iQ … but I do have a few issues, which is why I joined up.