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  1. Have just fitted a pair of Ridex struts, £34 including delivery from buycarparts.co.uk. The fastening clips are a pain but the boot now opens fully. Thanks for all the replies
  2. Thanks for that Bob, can order a pair now.
  3. Will do Chris but in the current climate its impossible to talk to anyone regarding compatability issues.
  4. Thanks, have tried to source genuine toyota parts but the dealers/parts departments are all closed, tried toyota on line without success. Ive found a pair on e bay for £26 plus free delivery so may have a punt on those.
  5. Hello all, I've noticed both gas struts on my rear door/boot are fairly corroded, plus I've noticed the door doesn't come up as far as it should without a bit of help. Trawling the internet, there's a huge range of different makes from £7 each up to £50 each. Does anyone out there have any recommendations or advice? The old buy cheap buy twice comes to mind with some of the less expensive units. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  6. Art6133

    Battery issue

    Thanks all, will have it tested and bite the bullet if its on its way out. Shouldn't need such a heavy duty beast as mine isn't stop start. Thanks again for the input.
  7. Art6133

    Battery issue

    Hi all, the other day I tried topping up my tyres using a small air compressor plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. I only got to the third tyre when my battery gave out! I put the battery on charge and after about 15 mins it showed fully charged. Anyone know if the IQ battery is a light weight/low powered item? Its an IQ2 on a 13 plate with I assume the original battery. I've only owned it for three months and had no problems at all with starting/running, I know I can have the battery checked but was wondering if this is a common occurrence?
  8. Thanks, still getting to know my little new friend, so far really impressed!
  9. Hello all, picked up my 2012 IQ2 on friday, this maybe a stupid question but can anyone tell me the purpose of the cloth with presstuds that's hidden in the rear compartment with the pump and tyre gunk?
  10. Hi all, bought my 2102 IQ2 today, really impressed so far!
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