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  1. cheers for the quick replies, is the gt the same engine?
  2. what power do these have, i presume this is the version 5? what year did they run from -to. cheers
  3. shaf what kit is on your red one, looks stunning?!
  4. £750 buys alot of ugraded engine parts that would give you extra power all the time, although saying "my car has NOS" does have a certain cool factor!
  5. im not being funny and i sympathsise (spelling) with your problem but why do you want an automatic mr2? just curious?
  6. yep. iv got a small p3nis too :P
  7. conversation with average, joe, average joe = AJ you= you AJ :what car you got? you: subaru AJ: what one?? you: impreza AJ: 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 estate turbo??? you: turbo AJ: oh quite common eh? AJ :what car you got? you: toyota AJ: what one?? you: mr2 AJ: oh! turbo/ non turbo you: turbo AJ: cool!! ok not the same thing but you get the drift, if you want 4 seats and turbo id go for a celeca gt4.
  8. 34k but had a rebuild already how come?? over 3.5k anyway id say,
  9. i think you need a better camera!!lol, wheels look good not sure if they suit the lines of the car though, but nice looking
  10. GT= grand touring GTS= grand touring sports <-- supossed to be lightweight hence "sports" but i think everything available on the GT is available as an option on the GTS
  11. You sound shocked.. ← i am iv never thought of white wheels on a blue car before, red or white car maybe. looks amazing though!
  12. omg!! white wheels on a blue car and it looks amazing!!!!
  13. i may be selling mine, 93 K reg turbo rev2 100k on clock (70k miles) black tintop 17" bk wheels blitz nur spec r exhaust just getting new brakes the now mot tax feb 06, pm if interested
  14. m4rk scotland

    Speed Me Up

    think about though other newer cars are getting quicker, take the astra vxr that could scare a tubby off the line! and the new megane cup i think it is. and if your "racing" someone off the line and they get a better start or a rolling start and he guns it first youv already lost out in the time difference from whenhe went for it and you decide to go for it.
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