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  1. Hi does anybody have a 1/43rd diecast model which I could purchase?
  2. Follow up regarding wiring for garmin mini 2, I didn't want to wire into fusebox and tried several leads/cables from Amazon, although the listing quoted micro usb they all came with mini usb, I contacted garmin by phone and within minutes of explaining my predicemont two days later the correct item arrived by post, all free of charge, 5 stars to garmin
  3. Hi has anybody ever organised a club meet, something I use to do when I had my cooper s, just asking?
  4. Been looking at garmin mini 2 purely on the size alone, wanting to place it behind interior mirror, question, does the interior lamp have a constant live feed?
  5. Thanks for your reply, I had same problem with my Toyota hybrid but found that an ordinary model of same car fitted not towing carrying so that legislation cuts no ice thanks again for your interest
  6. Desperate for towbar to carry my cycle
  7. Hi do I need a different front grille to fit fog lamps, and is thevwuringnin place?
  8. Hi not had IQ for very long, just got rid of Toyota Auris hybrid, have I been spolt!! The IQ vibrates as soon as the revs drop, ie like engine labouring, I am sure Toyota would not have let it leave the factory like this engine mountings, exhaust mountings, any ideas out there as to what it may be?
  9. Hi I found a spare wheel hole under rear seat but dont seem able to find a wheel that fits?
  10. Space saver wheel for iq
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