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  1. You've probably has advice by now, but just in case...... Head bolts torqued upto 75ft/lb Viscous fan still OK Oil always well topped up (tiny sump leads to oil starvation) Coolant expansion bottle well topped up with a good quality coolant Diff oil level OK Get hold of rotten arches early as what lies further underneath can be scary Loads more stuff out there, hopefully the first 4 points will stop/delay the fairly inevitable 7M BHG Hope you enjoy your soup, get some pics up
  2. MKIV soup's are a lot more bullet proof than the MKIII. I don't know how running costs compare between MKIII's and IV's but cheap they certainly ain't. In MKIII land the turbo does not cost a lot more in fuel than the N/A mainly due to the fact you don't need to thrash it as much as the N/A, this is probably the case for MKIV's. Someone like Leeky or KArma will be able to tell you more about MKIV and ownership of them. RX7 rotor tips wear out and the engines are not cheap to re-build but I don't know much about the mechanics of any car :D I'd vote for the soup, but then I am biased.....
  3. And if that doesn't work smack her. The UN has reported that the UK's kids are pretty much the worst behaved in the world, highest rate of teenage preg's etc... etc.... My belief is that Labour have cobbed it right up, kids are relatively un-touchable now and they know it. A mate works in a young offenders institution and the kids under 16 can do £5k worth of damage before they get a any form of reprimand, and these are kids that are already inside for being idiots.... My old man took the belt and slipper too me, and my gran had the hardest smack in the world for an oldy. Did it stop me loving them, definitely not, in fact I loved them both more for the fact that they cared enough to make sure I did not grow up with no respect for anyone. Obviously some kids will respond to just the scare tactic's, it didn't work on me - the slippers etc... certainly did. I don't have kids yet, but I will not rule out physical punishment and I certainly won't worry about what other people think.
  4. OK Charlie is there anything you don't know about MKIII Supra's?
  5. Pre- face lift MKIII i believe, mine has a different one.
  6. IMHO it could be as simple as some people have morals and standards and others don't..... I think the obscene amount of wages paid to some football players can't help their morals and standards either. I guess if you have a lifestyle that comes with some of the salaries talked about the temptation to do anything to make yourself seem valuable and hang on to your obscene weekly wage becomes justifiable.... hence the diving etc... I used to love playing and watching football, haven't bothered with it for years. Too many cheats, too many bad ref decisions I could go on but won't :censor:
  7. Seems like a nice example you have found yourself. Hope you enjoy it
  8. Well if Charlie or Leeky don't see this I asume you have tried mkiii.net? Lots of knowledge on there as well, though you may have already tried there. Hope you get it sorted, may see you about sometime as Wellingborough is not that far from Leicester.
  9. Mine would have to be driving across a set of a cross roads (no we didn't have the right of way), in the day time at about 70 with minimal/no vision of what was coming either way. I wasn't driving and I let my mate know it wasn't fun! Having said that getting a fiat 500 off the clock with 5 up was a bit scary as well...... Other than that anyone who drives quickly to impress somebody else scares me - not big or clever IMHO
  10. Welcome to the Club Russ. Like the Leggy, always thought if I wanted a fast estate it would be a legnum or legacy.
  11. Thats a nice clean looking Supra you have there mate. As for the brake light I am afraid I can offer you no suggestions. I assume you want rid of it as you just don't like it, as opposed to a functionality issue? If it's factory spec stuff then if it was me I'd leave it alone - if you take it out you can almost guarantee that if you sell the car someone will spot it should have one but hasn't. I sold an old Celica a few years back and the bloke moaned I had taken the factory decals of the tail gate! Charlie or Leeky may be able to help with removal suggestions if they see this.....
  12. Had a custom car cover on my soup for about three years now. It's a Noah car cover which I got from the USA. It wasn't cheap, and has lasted well. I went for one with UV protection, breathable and shower proof. As far as I can tell it has not shagged the paint, the UV protection has stopped it fading (Red still not pink!) It was this one, though not from the company on the link below..... http://www.thecovercompany.co.uk/weathersh...car_covers.html Hope this helps
  13. I don't have one mate, got one on the rear window but I think it is a previous owners addition. A picture may help me make a suggestion, whether it will be a useful one though :D
  14. The cars looking good charlie... Note to self..... get to Nur.... get to Nur
  15. Sorry to hear about this Charlie, glad you are OK and the damage is not too bad. The odds on stuff like this happening must be astronomical...
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