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  1. Yes, this is also my concern - that we have the top acceleration/torque/power only above certain level of the battery. And if it is below that level, we have much worse numbers. Which means we are kind of lied what the car specs are...as they are achievable in specific circumstances only ... This is not the case with traditional car - despite how full the tank is, it will have the same performance...
  2. Wait, what? Are you telling me that there is no notification of any sort when 15000km are approaching/passed and the engine oil needs to be changed/dealer visited for service? Are we back in the 90’s and we need to manually keep track of this?
  3. Yes, I was the first owner of the Leon and because of warranty, there were no modifications. I just red some articles from the presentations of the new 2.0 hybrid when it came out. And now I understand. They have written it as if they replied to my topic and questions. 🙂 It is written, that 2.0 was developed for the European market, where people are used to turbo petrol engines like 1.4/1.5TSI and don’t like the 1.8... So they admit 1.8 is worse than these. And say the 2.0 is competing with 1.4/1.5... And I dare to compare it with 1.8TSI.... 😁
  4. Can you please share how and when you were notified by the car for the oil change? In my old Leon 1.8 TSI there was a section in settings to see it. In Corolla I couldn’t find such thing.
  5. And I got Audio version 1100/1010 (don't remember the exact number) few days ago when I visited my dealer. It should be available in UK too.
  6. One-two times when I first got it, I have tried acceleration from 0. The first time I did it in Sport mode on a empty but now very wide road, I got seriously scared... But this is not the point. Those are the measurements that automakers provide and this is what I use for the comparison. What I really compare is the feel of acceleration. But since it is highly subjective, I try somehow to make the connection to the real measurements. So in the Leon, if you start with kickdown on power mode (or just only sport mode for the DSG) or start the overtaking from lets say 45-50mph, the feeling is like "oh, sh*t" and you are compressed at the backrest. And you have multiple opportunities to do the overtaking as it does not require longer gap in the oncoming traffic (you don't need so much time to be in the other lane...) While in the Corolla in Power mode and with kickdown, the feeling is "well, ok, we're accelerating kinda fast" with just a slight pressure to the backrest. So I feel that in a similar overtaking situation, I will need more time/distance with the Corolla and therefore I do not feel so confident. There were already such situations where I have decided not to try overtaking with the Corolla, but would do it with no danger or fear with the Leon. Probably better measurement would be flexibility of the cars from 80-120km/h or 40-80. But this data is rarely provided for non-sports cars... I hope this will explain better. Or it's just me that got used to the "unusually" fast Leon and now not impressed with the "normally" fast Corolla. And I got mislead by the specs and my assumption that a 0.3 seconds difference should not be so much noticeable...
  7. Yesterday I had to drive for a while Hyundai Ioniq Electric, the old model with the smaller battery. I was astonished by the acceleration. Or at least how it feels. And then I started wondering...The Corolla with the new 2.0 hybrid engine is advertised as 180hp and 0-100km/h in 8 seconds. My old Seat Leon FR 1.8TSI was 7.7s. This Hyundai Ioniq has ridiculous 9.9s... So here is the thing. How is it possible a car 2 secs slower than mine to feel considerably faster (Ioniq and Corolla)? And how is it possible a 0.3 secs difference to be again noticeable (old Leon and current Corolla)? I am starting to think, that the stated by Toyota HP and 8.0 secs for 0-100 are only doable with full battery. Any empty bar in the battery makes that time bigger and bigger and less power. But if this is the case, because of the nature of the hybrid system and how it charges the battery and how it likes it to sit in the middle, we actually have much slower and less powerful cars...The stated 8.0 180 are actually doable, but only in limited cases with specific preparations to top up the battery... In reality it seems that on dual carriage way when you try to overtake someone, you almost never have these 180hp and 8 secs 0-100 (or the 80-120, etc.)
  8. Sounds like a software issue with your infotainment system. I took my usb stick, formatted to Fat32, with multiple folders and mp3, ogg, etc. files from my old car, and sticked it to the Corolla the day I received it. Since then I am often using it without any issues. Actually there is just one “inconvenience”. The Corolla has this feature - online searches for track data from a Database and amended some of my hard created album artwork. So for some of the tracks instead of the carefully added correct album pictures, it shows on the display some generic pics like “Best rock” etc. But once I removed the priority of that database from settings, everything is back to normal.
  9. For me the app just shows different type of data...
  10. I also don’t have it. I couldn’t find the reason why so far. Where are you located? I am not in UK and was thinking if somehow, for some reason, this info is available only for cars communicating with UK Toyota servers...
  11. From my observations, if seat and wheel heaters are used and hvac is off, engine will run less and the consumption is much better. The question is if we value more the comfort or the mpg...
  12. Mine has them. I actually wrote about them in the other thread about auto high. About the dance - I guess you mean the cool trick when the car is turned on. It always flashes them one by one from inside out. When it is dark, it is very cool and impressing passengers and everyone around. How they work - for me really good. I made 8000 km across Europe during the holidays. When it was dark this was always turned on on auto. I've seen flashing from upcoming cars/trucks only 2-3 times. Otherwise it seems the car manages to move intelligently the dark spots where the cars are not to blind them.
  13. This is already happening in Serbia and Germany. I have seen Corolla TS hybrid taxis in these countries.
  14. Sometimes I get “your car is still moving and location will be saved once you park”, while I have parked in reality. But most of the time it shows the correct location. Only in underground parkings it shows the last gps fix at the entrance.
  15. I cannot understand the logic in this markets variations... In USA they have different infotainment systems with something called Entune and several mobile apps to interact with it. CarPlay and Android Auto is standard for any trim and they have since the beginning of this version of Corolla. In UK you have BSM and electric tailgate but miss 18 wheels and adaptive lights. In my country, BSM is not available for the touring sport even in the highest possible trim level. We also miss electric tailgate. But we have adaptive lights and 18 wheels. Mobile app MyT is available in UK Apple/Google app store and you can use it to check trips, stats, etc. Recently they added even % of trip in EV and some battery stats. In our stores MyT is unavailable. If you install it "unofficially", it still works, but some of the data like EV % and battery (which is most important for me), is missing. Ok, for some of these I understand it could be something related to local regulations, but for the rest I don't get their logic. And in general why do they waste time and resources to make two completely different versions of the software and side apps for US and the rest/Europe that work on what looks like identical (at least visually and UI) infotainment system.