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  1. Don't take it literally. It was just an extreme example (an edge case) to better and stronger describe what my point was. Of course I am not at the age or the mindset to drive like this. Ok, let's try to use more realistic scenario: Long uphill where battery is used a lot to help the ICE and on the top there are only 3 bars left. And there you approach a tractor/slow lorry/something too slow for the speed limit. Now imagine the same, but instead of uphill, it was long descend, battery is fully/almost fully topped and at the bottom you approach the slow vehicle. Acceleration duri
  2. Ok, thank you for the great discussion. So indeed, there is a difference in power and acceleration depending on how full the battery is. And unfortunately, this means that Toyota hybrids are not like normal cars in terms of consistency of power available to user. I will make again the comparison with normal ICE car - if normal car has for example 100hp, it will always produce it no matter how much fuel you have in the tank. And user can use that power every time he needs it. While we as hybrid owners, on paper should have the stated power (180hp in my case with 2.0), but it is rarely ach
  3. On paper we have specs of ICE power and torque, electric motor power and torque, and then combined max available to driver (which is never the sum of both sources, but less). But then we know, that the max specs of electric motor are not really available because of limitations of the battery. So my question is: When for example Toyota says acceleration time 0-60 is 8 sec., is this only possible with full battery? Will this fluctuate a lot depending how many bars we see in the battery on the dashboard? Please ignore the fact, that in real life stated acceleration times are not easily a
  4. Dealer applied it. I believe before the update, it was 2020 V1. If it matters (because I have heard it several times in my dealership to make such distinction), navigation was installed/activated (whatever the actual action is) after car was delivered to dealer, not during manufacturing.
  5. Well, dealer was unable to fix it. But said I am not the only customer with this problem and they have sent the complaints to Toyota with full logs, etc. Seems that Toyota messed something on their backend side with these OTA updates...
  6. This is in e-store and then purchase history (or something like that, not sure how it is called in English) tab. Check my screenshot from previous post. On that exact screen there should be a download button. I also spent a lot of time, different browsers, clearing cache, etc. before being able to see the button. Could be the same issue with you.
  7. Thank you for offering help. I managed somehow after several hours navigating through toyota website to get the download and installed it. Unfortunately even after that, when I start the car and auto update checks for new maps, I get that weird message that map is too old... Maybe it's time to contact dealer...
  8. That is the problem - website does not allow me to download. There is no download button anymore. And OTA did something partial and asked to make “full download “ whatever that means...
  9. There is a problem with my map update. After I got the AA/CarPlay FW update few months ago, an option for auto check and auto download of map updates appeared in settings (to download maps directly from car). And this morning when I started the car, I got a popup that update (around 120MB) is available. So I started the update. First usability issue - once download starts, there is no visible indication of progress. You need to go to settings- online account- map update and scroll down to the end to see the download percentages. When it finished, it started showing there in
  10. What can you do in this menu?
  11. It could be. I need to check. But still this is quite radical workaround for just the particular example I used. Not working if you just want to fine tune the volume level... So another example - driving during the day with loud music - I need nav guidance also loud to be able to hear it, so it is set like that. A bit later night comes, my family fell asleep at the back, I lower the music not to disturb them and suddenly bang - TURN LEFT AFTER 200 METERS...
  12. Thanks, then it is better than nothing, but still very uncomfortable and dangerous. And it is nowhere near what VW/Skoda/Seat/Audi have implemented - the volume knob on the steering wheel is controlling the type of sound that is currently playing. (The same way we control with the same buttons phone call volume and music volume). But there it is for everything being active at the time you correct the volume. So imagine I want to change the level on the go while driving. For example my wife receives important phone call on her phone and I need to lower the music and everything. I can
  13. Don't worry about that. Just find Android Auto apk file outside of Play Store and install it manually...This is what everyone here is doing and it works.
  14. New problems (found so far): 1. When I first plugged my phone, it asked if I want to connect CarPlay once or always. But obviously this is not working, as I am very frequently receiving the same popup, and even I always select to allow it always, it comes back next time I start the car and connect the phone. 2. Toyota online services are not activated automatically and car does not connect to internet over Bluetooth from phone on every start as before. Now when I try to check traffic, parking places or fuel prices, it says that I am not connected. The worst thing is that I can get me
  15. In order to receive the AA/CarPlay, our headunits get update too. I can see some old issues fixed, but there are new ones introduced...
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