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  1. According to the owners manual, when searching for address/POI in the nav, when the keyboard to type appears, there is option to change the keyboard. And according to the pictures in the manual, it is possible to switch from QWERTY to numbers, special characters and Cyrillic keyboard. In my case however, there is no Cyrillic keyboard, but two strange ones looking like broken encoding. Something like ÀÁÂÃÄÅÆÇÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏÐÑÒÓÔÕÖØÙÚÛÜÝ. If I switch the global language to Russian for example, the keyboard is russian, encoding for the Cyrillic is ok, but then there is no Latin QWERTY and again two strange looking ones... Is this a software problem with my car only or Toyota have messed something for everyone? Can someone with navigation check please if there is proper Cyrillic keyboard available while the car language is English?
  2. Last time I spoke with my dealer, they said upgrading of Lexus with AA/CP have started, but they had many issues and not a single car successfully upgraded. So maybe they have technical/software issues with the upgrade, not only the covid19 and therefore the longer delay.
  3. You have 3D buildings and/or 3D landmarks, they just show up only in 3D mode and only when on the highest zoom levels. And there is the problem - the auto zoom is total garbage and does not work properly. Even setting it to auto zoom - near in settings, it does not zoom enough on turns/changes in directions to be able to see the details of the road or the 3D details. If you manually change the zoom to the max, you will be able to see the 3D buildings/ landmarks but then the remaining journey is not suitably displayed and it is not convenient to drive constantly with max zoom. Toyota should seriously work on this problem and fix it ASAP!
  4. Once it is downloaded and copied to usb stick, there will be another paint to watch drying when installing it in the car 😁
  5. Mine is the blue one, the white is someone’s and I found in a parking in Germany.
  6. I think the problem is not driving with the roof opened. Probably it was leaving the car parked under the sun with roof closed, but curtain opened.
  7. Do you have panoramic roof and if so, do you drive with the roof curtain opened? I am suspecting that in very sunny days with the curtain opened, the temperature in the cabin goes too high without AC and that was the reason for the strange battery behavior.
  8. Yea, I am also interested. Here, where I live, temperatures in summer go to 35+
  9. My most annoying problem with the car is the auto zoom of the navigation.
  10. Yes, I was driving without the AC, just the roof opened. Nobody and nothing on the back seats, so definitely not covered vents. Today the car stayed next to a lake for 3 hours during my sup paddling. Temperatures similar to yesterday’s and car was normal as always. But I was using the AC this time. I know the app and was thinking of getting it. But I don’t have Android phone/tablet and not sure if I buy a cheap phone just for this, it can handle the app.
  11. Today was not so hot - around 20-22 degrees Celsius. But the car showed weird behavior. Ever since day one, it was always accelerating up to ~10-15mph on battery and then the ICE kicks. But today no matter how slow the acceleration was, ICE was starting from 0. Keeping constant speed on flat road in EV was also very difficult and any tiny movement in my right foot was starting the ICE. Charging the battery on descents was also strange - weaker than usual and even starting the ICE to decelerate (as when battery is full) from time to time. What might have caused this unusual behavior of the car? The car stays in underground parking and on the outgoing trip it was fine. Then it stayed parked outside for about an hour and on the return started to show the above behavior. Second trip for the day was exactly the same - 30-40 minutes in the underground parking seems cooled the car and was ok, on the return again weird. I am starting to worry what might be when the temperatures get above 30...
  12. Thanks guys, all went well, although really slow. Had to wait the installation more than an hour. Btw, is there any chance to get info what exactly was updated in the maps? For example Garmin and other gps companies provide “release notes”/“change log” - something like: UK - added 1200 miles roads, 55 miles motorways, added 3d buildings in 5 more cities, added 535 new POIs, etc. Total coverage 98% Germany - added .... coverage 83% etc.
  13. Do we need to extract the archive or we just load it as it is to the USB stick? Does it matter if you insert the stick in the car before starting it or after that?
  14. For some reason, this must have here function is not available for the Corolla.
  15. Anyone with panoramic roof using roof bars? I have bars from my old car that have the same mounting and was hoping to use them on the Corolla. Actually they can be mounted, but there is a problem: Unfortunately, their mounting brackets are too big and prevent the glass roof from fully opening. So I am afraid that if I accidentally try to open the roof while roof bars are mounted, the glass will break. So are there specific roof bars for cars with this mounting type and panoramic roof? Thule website does not differentiate Corollas with and without panoramic roof, so I am not sure if their bars will be like the ones I have?