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  1. So true Niels. I believe we should stick this somewhere in the Forum as it describes so well the real world Hybrid usage...
  2. Hi Adam, Here is some statistics for my 2.0 Estate: As you can see, motorway consumption is the highest compared to country roads and city (quite the opposite of regular ICE engine car). This can be observed for all Hybrid Corollas present in Spritmonitor.de that have correctly entered data for the type of driving. You can play with the huge data there and find real life consumption data from hundreds of owners. You can also use the consumption link in my signature to get more details for the consumption of my car.
  3. You can. But sometimes I personally rely on my USB music source - for example not enough phone storage for downloading and driving abroad where streaming is not an option... But anyways, it is stupid to provide two USB ports and one of them to be only power source.
  4. I was just sharing my thoughts that car deliveries might be delayed. Probably my news source did not presented the data correctly, but the general idea is the same.
  5. This is a big problem with the Corolla. How can they make just one USB port for data??? What if I want to have simultaneously plugged USB stick with music and also USB cable for CarPlay/Android Auto? Currently I will have to remove the stick and plug the cable every time I want to use CarPlay and then revert them when I want music not from the phone... Just for comparison my previous Seat Leon had USB port and two! SD card slots for music/maps. So I could have everything plugged and just switch source from the menus.
  6. Guys, everything is going wild and totally messed with the Corona virus. Definitely Toyota will be affected too. I have just read about many European car maker factories being closed, workers fired, etc. For example VW closed Seat factory in Spain and more than 10 000 workers will have to look for new job. So unfortunately, deliveries of new Toyotas probably might also be delayed or even canceled.
  7. Another killer of the battery and the mpg that I am observing several times lately - wet roads especially with puddles. On my way home the last 2 km I always drive almost only in EV mode. Depending on the traffic and if I can pulse and glide, it takes me 1 or 2 bars of the battery. This has been the case ever since I got the car. Even temperatures of around 0 or -5 have not increased the battery consumption very much. And then last few weeks it started raining here. And the battery killer appeared - the wet roads with lots of puddles. Now the same part of my journeys sucks 3 or even more bars. I can see how in the same stretch of my street where usually I can keep 50km/h in EV mode, with rain the car really struggles to accelerate to it or even keep it. So if I try to press the gas more trying to keep the speed, the car starts the ICE. Also on places where I know that I can glide exactly from one building to another, the puddles and water now almost stop the car about the half of that same stretch. I have never observed this so noticeably in my previous petrol car. And I spoke with a friend with Hyundai Kona. He said that it is not such big difference for him. But he has way more powerful electric motor and enormous battery. Our tiny motors and batteries are extremely sensitive to such road conditions.

    MyT app

    It seems this new feature will come "randomly" and not at the same time to the users as it happened with the EV and hybrid data. I got my EV data months after it was introduced. And now I don't have the fuel too.

    MyT app

    Can you please upload a screenshot of the fuel level in the app? Thank you.
  10. Maybe you are right Tony. But it has to be still better than around here. From my perspective, I am always more confident, relaxed and feel more secure driving in western Europe/UK. Last time I was in UK, it was for couple of weeks in Nottinghamshire in winter of 2018. From a pedestrian point of view I observed stopping on crosswalks, cars tolerant with bicyclists/motorcyclists, etc. In Greece for example, crosswalks are just something painted on the road. No one stops. In Bulgaria it is a bit better, but one stopping for pedestrian need to first check rear view mirror...or might have rear bumper issues 😄 And the worst thing in Bulgaria. And why, you like it or not, need to keep with traffic. Too many impudent drivers that switch lanes in their favor. For example a traffic light with two lanes - one for going ahead and one for left turn. Left turn is rarely used so that lane is almost empty. The other one has more than 20 cars. A dumb ***** driver comes but does not want to wait in his lane, so goes in the one for left turn and right before the junction returns back in the forward lane cutting the cars there. Now imagine 5-10 such drivers and you can wait to cross several green lights...Then imagine 5-10-20 such junctions on your trip and the time can grow from 20 minutes to more than an hour. So to avoid this you have no option but stay close to the car in front of you, not allowing such bast*rds to fit back. PS. Sorry for the off topic, but I hope it brings light in understanding different driving styles and why same cars result in very different consumption in different countries. We have been touching this topic several times in different posts and I got the impression that some people have not experienced eastern style driving conditions.
  11. I am impressed what consumption you manage to achieve in Athens. Driving in Greece and at home in Bulgaria is very different from what is in UK - much more nervous and with constant acceleration and hard brakes to keep up with traffic. For example, three weeks ago I was in Athens. I was trying to drive economically on the big boulevard by the sea from Glyfada towards Piraeus. The traffic was so nervous of me driving "slowly", there was even a big lorry truck that angryly overtook me while using the horn, only to jump on the brakes in front of me few seconds later on the next traffic light... So it seems those hybrids are really tolerant to the style of driving compared to weather/road surface conditions, which in comparison kill the economy way severely than normal ICE cars.
  12. Kalimera, For easier and more realistic tracking of your consumption I suggest you to use Spritmonitor app/site. You just need to have some discipline to populate data on every visit to the gas station. But then you will have really nice track and statistics. Check the mpg data link on my signature.
  13. The HUD is one of the best features in my car. I don’t know if I would like to drive a car without one anymore. The only time I have difficulties reading it is when I drive with polarized sunglasses and the light comes at specific angle.
  14. Thank you, then this also proves my observations. The Corolla 2.0 seems comparable with a 138bhp turbo petrol, but is nowhere near a 180bhp turbo...despite that on paper it has the same amount.
  15. What FR is yours? Mine was FR ST 2017 1.8 TSI with DSG. Unfortunately, I cannot find my 2.0 Corolla near the acceleration of the FR. And I tested that with the new owner of the FR, not just compare the feelings from both cars. We made a drag race on an empty road and I was not able to catch with the FR. Especially in accelerations from 60-80 to 100-120.