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  1. Hi Flash mine is 057 stamped on top.
  2. Anyone recommend battery for 2004 D4D Toyota yaris t-spirit? Not bothered bout price just whats compatible and long lasting. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Many thanks to all who replied . Tried Wood Company nothing for my 2004 wonder if i should try 2005?
  4. Hi all. Anyone have recommendation for armrest to fit Yaris t-spirit 2004 D4D? One without too much hassle to fit. Many Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all. Am after rear bumper for T-Spirit 2004 colour Silver but if not any that i can respray. Many Thanks in advance.
  6. Many thanks for a quick reply.Will source them asap
  7. Hi . Can anyone tell me what seats are a straight swap for my 54plate D4D T-Spirit. I mean no drilling or fabrication involved. Also any recommendations for easy fit arm rest? Many thanks in advance.
  8. Hi all .Just an extra piece of info regarding EML being mot failure.To overcome problem i put insulation tape over faulty plug in my case number 1 plug and light has remained off since September 2020. Make sure glow plug bar is not touching plug.
  9. Thanks Stan . Unfortunately the reader i purchased dosent give option to manually input.
  10. Thanks for the reply Mad. Will have to see if that model is still available. The one i purchased was 32quid but didnt recognize vin so i think wasnt compatible for diesel motors.
  11. Hi can anyone recommend a obd2 fault reader for 54plate t-spirit 1.4diesel d4d french model. Purchased one on ebay was nice piece of kit but unfortunately failed to recognize vin .Hopefully the good people on this forum can help me out. Am looking at the £20-50 range. Many thanks in advance. Mark
  12. Hi all am after rear bumper for 54plate t-spirit 1.4 d4d French version preferably in silver. Many thanks in advance.
  13. Hi. Anyone have 2004 Toyota Yaris D4D instrument cluster or cluster surround trim for sale? Many thanks in advance.
  14. Yes guessed that no manual for diesels was also told by the knowledge on this forum. And mines cracking little motor and only cost me £70
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