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  1. Yes guessed that no manual for diesels was also told by the knowledge on this forum. And mines cracking little motor and only cost me £70
  2. You dont have a haynes manual do you?
  3. Would anyone have for sale a Toyota Yaris 2004 D4D 5dr T-spirit 1.4diesel Haynes Workshop Manual ?
  4. Thats what i have same as your pic ,so i wont be touching that lol. Is that blue car in the pic yours?
  5. Thanks . So what is thing that is located under rear seats? Is it in-tank filter?
  6. Many thanks guys now how about location of oil filter?
  7. My vin starts with V and sticker on windscreen says Made in France
  8. Flash mine is French but has pollen filter tray?
  9. Hi good morning all.I have 54plate yaris T-spirit 1.4diesel D4D. Is filter located under rear seats ? And is this an easy replace? In advance many thanks . Gooner. Man im getting too old for this.
  10. Do you have just the one key?I have 54plate yaris and i have 3 keys. When i had to replace battery i had to reprogramme key fob.
  11. Gooner20112012


    Hi all hope everyone is safe and well in these difficult times.So i have a 54 plate yaris T-spirit 1.4diesel D4D 5dr and im after Oil Air and Pollen Filters but looking online gives so many different items, i.e. Length Width variations. Just wondering if anyone has same car to give me some guidance? I have French Version Mk1. Many thanks in advance .
  12. Can I remap my 2004 D4D 1.4diesel yaris T-spirit without doing anything else ?
  13. Ok thanks flash guess gonna just keep it simple
  14. Hi i have a 2004 D4D 1.4diesel Yaris T-spirit. 75hp how can i get a little more hp without changing engine ?I.E. Bigger airflow ? Upgraded exhaust ? I have no idea