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  1. Thanks for info. With ignition on the start button is orange, when i depress clutch it goes green and begins to crank. Is that what you meant ?
  2. Hi Toyota experts. Hoping someone can help. I have a Urban Cruiser with the 1.4 diesel engine 90,000 miles. It's a daily driver and has been trouble free for the past couple of years until the other evening. I have now towed the car home as unable to start. It just cranks with no hint of starting. EML is not illuminated and no codes stored. Plenty of good new diesel, plenty of battery to crank. In my efforts I have removed and cleaned the egr valve, cleaned the MAF. Removed and cleaned the SCV. I've cracked off the injectors and can see fuel coming through My gut feel is it's a sensor playing up but would appreciate any advice Thanks in advance Ryan