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  1. Maybe try a clay bar on the windscreen, should bring it back to smooth glass and get what ever is on it off. Had some good results on previous cars with similar issues.
  2. Also very useful if you manage to drop your keys down the drain that you just so happen to be parked on top of! 🙃
  3. I've had this happen a few times on my MY20. Also had Spotify on Android Auto freeze after traffic announcements have occurred. Not approached Toyota about it as like you've said, intermittent. Perhaps I should get it reported!
  4. Do the mud flaps make much difference to the back end getting coated in muck? Mine is absolutely coated after 3 days of driving 😂 the rest is still sparkling!
  5. I managed to get around that by connecting the car to a hotspot or WiFi and logging into my toyota services on the car system. It picked it up from there... both myself and the dealer were struggling to find it on the MY20 with android auto.
  6. If you hold the cruise control button down for a couple of seconds, it will enter normal cruise control mode where you can set the speed in 1 mph increments. The radar assist will be deactivated though 👍
  7. Very nice! Not in Worcester by any chance? Looks familiar. Picked up mine last week, the red really pops in the sun (when it's out!). Was really pleased with the full leather seats too. Happy days.
  8. Ok, I’ve figured it out... just need to hold the voice command button to enable google assistant or Siri.
  9. Mine arrived with it on Friday. Anything built since December is more than likely to have it installed. On a side note, any one know if the voice command button can be set to Google assistant as a default. At present it comes up with the toyota voice assistant.
  10. Had a call from the dealer today and it should be arriving imminently, which is around a week earlier than expected 👍 he did mention that every car has arrived on time or early so far this year.
  11. Similar wait here. I ordered the corolla HB 2.0l excel Oct 31st, was initially told January 8th. Rang them up to check as I would be without a car over Christmas and had not heard anything for a while. They told me they had good news and that the delivery had been brought forward... To Jan 23rd. Apparently it had been pushed back to the end of Feb at one point and I wasn't informed. They have leant me a new Aygo until mine is delivered, but I am now wondering if it will get pushed back again. Hopefully it's not long to go now.
  12. Taken from the toyota blog. Seems like the adaptive high beam never made it to the uk. https://blog.toyota.co.uk/explore-the-new-2019-toyota-corolla-comfort-and-technology LED headlamps Three LED headlight systems are featured in the Corolla line-up, according to model grade – a triple LED parabola unit headlamp; a bi-beam LED headlight with Automatic High Beam System; and an LED headlight with an Adaptive High-beam System.
  13. From my understanding, the lane keep assist is only active when cruise control is also on.
  14. No chain on the latest hybrid systems. Power is now fed through a series of final drive gears.
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