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  1. That is pretty sweet. Did you have the opportunity to do the return journey? Will be interesting where the battery SOC levels out now that it has had a full charge.
  2. Cheers all. Any thoughts on the more powerful motor included on the 2.0l? Is it easier to keep in EV mode? I've also read that the battery seems quite hard to get to a charge above halfway.
  3. I've heard eco isn't great for highway driving. This is especially true on the yaris I'm driving at the moment. It's more suited to driving around town in stop start traffic.
  4. Yep, driven quite a few hybrids so far. I'm impressed by how far they have come along if I'm honest, even the yaris is quite enjoyable. I was blown away with how smooth the 2.0l was to drive on the test drive, just in the waiting period atm... Itching to get the keys!
  5. Cheers for your reply. I've been driving a 2018 yaris 1.5 hybrid on loan since my last car died and been getting around 62mpg in that on my commute currently. Fairly relaxed on the driving front, holding around 60mph on the motorway due to traffic and a mix of 50 & 30 for the rest. The old bmw was getting between 50-55mpg. Will be interesting to see how the 2.0l will compare to this and the 1.8l. Would expect to see between 55-60mpg in the new one but im sure I will find out soon enough. I've not seen a huge drop in MPGs in the yaris since it got colder, but not sure if this is because of the length of the drive and everything has a chance to get up to temp.
  6. Hi all, I've got a 2.0l excel HB on the way and just curious to know what MPGs you are all getting so far? I'm coming from a 2l diesel, so hoping to see something of an improvement, but I'm struggling to nail down some real world figures. Main type of driving for my commute will be a mix of motorway, country roads and small towns, around 50 miles each way. Thanks in advance! Dan
  7. There are fuse adapters / extenders available that should allow you to plug into a live fuse in the fuse box and create an additional circuit. Think this is how people ussualy go about it. A quick Google should find you what you need.
  8. Cheers buddy. I ordered a 2.0l excel HB end of October and have been told around 8th January as an estimate but it's not been confirmed yet. Hopefully there won't be any delay!
  9. Just out of interest, when did you order?