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  1. Still looks a tad high, were those photos taken straight after them being fitted? I imagine it will settle a bit over the coming days... Yeah youre right.I just took them after the job was done.Ill take a few in a few days time to see if theres a difference.
  2. Well I got Horace lowered today and he looks well.. lowered_new_yaris.bmp
  3. used t-cut original and t-cut color restorer and some wax and now you would not notice at all.Im getting the springs on friday and toyota are fitting them on tuesday.Will post pics up when I get it done
  4. if the funds allow maybe..lol....some dumbass put a small scratch on the roof over the drivers door..know it wasnt me ..t-cut and colour restorer tmoro..properlyy annoyedd...
  5. not on our bad roads with 18s nooo..had my last one lowered and it knocked the crap outta me..ruins the suspension..you should try out our roads and see yourself sometime :)
  6. Yep..I got front fogs as extras.I also got air con on the Luna which is a new thing right now which wasnt extra..:)
  7. well I changed the shift lever.Still have the original though.Its a yaris luna grade just one step down from top grade sol. pic of it in the sun included :P new_yaris_3.bmp
  8. Hi Havent been on in a while but got my car changed recently and wanted to show you my new baby :)
  9. yaris30


    just outside tullamore :)
  10. well..im here..I think...
  11. yaris30

    car pics

    some pics of my car
  12. just got this custom vinyl one off from a biker somewhere around where I live.I think it looks cool but I dont know about you
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