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  1. Did you get your alternator yet. The best seller of second-hand Granvia parts is BBC Spares bbcsparesco@hotmail.co.uk I have bought numerous parts from this guy and he is happy to box and deliver via courier.
  2. Good news and thanks for all your suggestions. After testing the alternator it was found to be faulty. I removed it from the engine, which was a nightmare. Had to remove the air filter completely in order to have enough space to work The old alternator was so tight, I had to prise it out with a lump of wood The new alternator was quite heavy which made it extremely awkward to hold while trying to get the top bolt in, but perseverance won in the end One thing I did learn was the old unit was so rusty and near enough seized, and the culprit was the rubber seal around the channel beneath the back of the bonnet was not stuck properly allowing water to drip down onto the alternator. It must have been like this for years, so it is worth checking if you have one of these vans, as it will save you loads of money and aggravation.
  3. I serviced it myself, but I did the oil change really late so it was over a year since last oil change, and the first time for a fuel filter in about 8 years. My lights are now permanently on, and if I leave the van for about 3 days or more unused then the battery is flat, so something seems to be draining it. If you find out the cause let me know, vies versa
  4. fh1

    Diagnostic port

    Thanks for reply, I still cant find it so you are probably right.. There must be some other way of resetting the oil, fuel and battery warning lights that come on at low revs, then go off at 2000 revs. Any ideas.
  5. Hi there, does anyone know where the obd diagnostic port is on a 96 3.0 diesel Toyota Granvia. I have looked everywhere but cant find it.
  6. On my Granvia 3.0d I recently changed my battery, fuel filter and did an oil change. Since then the battery, oil and fuel filter have remained on, but often go out under high revs. How do I rectify this.