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  1. Oh...I think I've got confused, I think it was actually the power steering fluid. 😂😂😂 I told ya I was clueless! 😆😆😆
  2. Hi RUToyota The engine wasn't warm I don't think but I can recheck it after a run. It's an automatic but the 'sound' of the gear changes seem to take too long if you know what I mean? It sounds stretched a bit beyond where it should have changed gear. It's a bit whiny too. I'm certainly a bit clueless 😄 but just to my untrained ears these are the things I've noticed.
  3. Hi all, Just noticed the transmission fluid is very low on my mum's car. Don't want to get her the wrong stuff so would be grateful as to a heads-up as to which is the correct type. Many thanks Elphie
  4. Hi all who replied. I took mum's car to an auto-electrician and he repaired the actuator on the alternator which has solved the problem. 🤩 Thank you so much for all your help. The repair cost £95 so I gave the guy an extra fiver for a pint for making my mum's day! 😫🙂 I have another question but will start another thread for that...thanks again. Apologies for the blue grimace smiley, couldn't find a way to delete it
  5. Thank you. I didn't know alternators could definitely be refurbished. I'll ring round some auto-electricians tomoz. I think the garage are pulling a bit of a fast one as it seems like the core is worth £60? Am I right in that assessment? I'll make a decision tomorrow. Hopefully the cost can be reduced to not quite so bad. 🙂
  6. Hi all, my mum's '96 Estima is running out of steam unfortunately. It's now stopped charging the battery properly and the garage are wanting nearly £500 to put a new alternator in. I've read that low voltage can be caused by corroded wires and not necessarily the alternator itself. Anyone know of any actions I can take to check everything before the garage have to replace? Mum's a pensioner so this is a really big deal for her. Many thanks in advance... 🙂 Alternatively does anyone know where my mum could buy a refurbished or replacement alternator at a reasonable price? Does anyone on the forum do parts at all? 😊