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  1. Purchased now so I’ll let you know how they go.
  2. Hi Ive read a few reviews and looking at buying these in the next day or so. Does anyone have experience of these on their RAV4 or other vehicle? Thanks
  3. Hello all 👋 Good to be here! As per the name I’ve been a fan of Toyota’s for quite some time. My Dad in the USA owned a Toyota Tercel which did over 200k miles. Previously just having had a couple of Previa’s I’ve recently bought an 06 RAV4 diesel for the winter at least. I hope the Rav proves to be as reliable as the Previas and I may keep it for some time. I’m wanting to put winter tyres on it so going over to the appropriate forum. This is a great forum and hopefully I can be of help too! BigToyotaFan