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  1. Ty for for the recent help with my Avensis. I get a fairly generous discount from dealer serving due to a business account. I still have to work in order to stay solvent. My car is due for a service and due to dealerships being closed I may have to use a non dealer service outlet. Fortunately it had an oil and filter change 4.5k ago. Nevertheless I still have some business warranty on it. I would like to have the service soon. What oil does the 14 Avensis 2l D4D diesel with dpf take? I know it is low ash:)
  2. Firstly I am grateful for the help I have received on here. I replaced the DPF and a sensor at some cost. I am used to white smoke on regeneration. I am not getting that now though it does smell. Is this because the unit is new? Regatds Jim
  3. D44D Avensis 14 plate As indicated in a previous post my dpf has failed after 150k. I have decided to replace it at the main dealer as it is a good car and 250k is easily possible with frequent oil changes. They have indicated a second exhaust sensor has corroded. They have rather reluctantly said it isn't covered by my extended warranty as it is corrosion. I think a corroded sensor after four years indicates some impurity in the component and I have indicated I may contest it, though I remain on good terms as always. Am I being unfair on them?
  4. Devon Jim


    Depends on the value of the car to you and its reliability I assume. I have decided to replace my DPF through the dealer with their one year warranty. It has cost £1500 however that includes complete fuel system cleaning. They have seen no turbo problems so I went ahead. I would ask for assurances that they will sort any problems out with a warranty, at least that shows good faith. 🙂
  5. Devon Jim


    Hi all, Ty for this forum. I have a 2014 Toyota Avensis D4D 2. litre. The car is a good car but I do many business miles in it and it has clocked 150k, pretty much fault free bar an alternator and a DMF advice would be appreciated. Bar one forced regen the DPF has held up well. I use fully syth oil and change it every 5 k, above the service interval plus cleaning the EGR valve. The regen cycle is getting shorter, presumably as it ages. No lights have come on. As I understand it this is ash rather than the combustible soot. Should I put some DPF cleaner it? Could this upset the chemical balance? Also is there a way of getting ash out of the DPF? Ty Devon Jim
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