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    Hello just joined this forum, been reading alot got this 2003 D4D, 2,0 runs very poor, like the turbo is not there i just got the car, previous owner gave it up after cannging fuel filter, SCVs, vacuum actuator on turbo w/vrv. I checked vrv and vsv and them seems to open/close as they should. when running on idle i can se that vacuum actuator on the turbo is pulling the link arm on the turbo vanes. i just tried to pull the vacuum hose on the actuator on the turbo off and then did a test drive. Could feel that i got power back on higher rpm also a bit more on lower rpm. there is no error codes on the car could the turbo be clogged up, ? Will that be the next thing to check? I have no history on whats been done to the EGR cheers roger