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  1. A friend has the one where you connect it via the areil then tune through 88.…FM it works but not flawless. I like you am looking to upgrade but not wanting to pay some of the excessive prices, but also don't want to have to connect my phone for the nav system? It seems it's either spend £600+ or try Chinese but not found any reliable reviews? I have been thinking about just fitting a normal dab radio and trying to find a nav that fits in the space above?
  2. RikMRon

    B9004 stereo,

    D4D 2007, standard radio CD player. The question is the B9004 stereo, I have the chance to upgrade my stereo/radio unit to the b9004, should I put the £200 into this radio nav system, without wiring or Ariel's or go for the an after market nav unit? I would like DAB too?
  3. 2004 petrol 44000 m done just under £3000, not 12 months see advisorys and what it failed on what do you think?
  4. Learning lots all ready thanks folks
  5. I do one or two 1 to 2 hundred mile journeys a month, but mostly local. I've read several posts on this forum and there seems a vast knowledge of what I'd be buying into, I would like to thank you know for your replies. Thanks Rik