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  1. Hi, Thank you so much for your help! That manual helped me a lot. No more confusion. 🙂 You are right. I have a Business Edition not an Excel. Even my V5C shows that. I thought it is an Excel because of the heated leather seats.
  2. Also here is a shot of my parking assistant button. If the car starts beep at me in traffic, I can push this and it stops....but it comes back again later... Doesn't matter if it is pushed in or out...
  3. Hello, As I promised yesterday, I took some pictures of my sensors. I have 4 at the front and 4 at the rear.
  4. Hi, Yes. I will take some pictures tomorrow in daylight and post them here.
  5. Hi, Thank you for your help. As I said before I have been through all of the menu points in my car. These settings about parking are simply not there. If you check the video I have posted before, the guy goes through all of his settings of the multi information display and the nav screen too. (@15:40) I have the exactly same setup, nothing about parking sensors. I start to think that my car is simply not equipped with these settings. It just does not make any sense. So why do I have sensors all around the vehicle if I can't control them? Could this be sorted with a software update of the car? As I have mentioned in my original post I bought the car from Toyota and it has still 2 years of warranty on it. Should I contact them? Maybe they can update the software? Thanks in advance.
  6. In this video if you skip to 15:40 the guy goes through all the options of the multi function display. I have exactly the same! Nothing about parking sensors 😞
  7. Hi! Thank you for answers. I have been through the car manual and it says the same... I should be able to control the parking sensors and warnings by the multi function display. Unfortunately in my car it is not there! Simply there is no option like this. I went through all of it couple of times and couldn't find it. I have options for digital speedo, mpg data, energy monitor, trip computer and there is a blank page at the bottom which shows nothing. No parking sensor options 😞 Does it mean that I have to live with random " Beeps" from now?
  8. Hi Everyone! 2 weeks ago I have purchased my first Hybrid car, an Auris Touring Sport Excel. It is a 2016 model with only 13.500 miles on the clock and with full Toyota Service History. I absolutely love the car only one thing drives me crazy. The car is equipped with front and rear parking sensors.( original Toyota, not aftermarket ) They are quite useful when trying to park this fairly long car into tight places, loud beeping warns you when you are getting closer to objects. The problem is I don't know how to turn them off. While driving in traffic if something gets close to the car it starts beeping. I take over a cyclist, or pass a bush, even if there is a hump on the road.... BEEEEP! This drive me crazy. Right under the steering wheel on the right hand side I found a quite chunky rectangular button with "P" on it. If I press the the beeping stops for a while but it comes back again if any of the situations mentioned above occur. I couldn't find out which is the ON or OFF position of this button, as the beeping comes back either way. There is a little yellowish led light on the top of this button too. When the beeping starts it lights up until I press it. Then it goes out and the beeping stops...for a while... Did anybody have this problem? I hope I can temporarily disable this system while I am driving. Please if anybody has any idea how to solve this help me! Thanks.