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  1. My girlfriend has an 02 yaris T sport and the ECU light has recently come on. Im an MR2 man and know that you can check the ecu error codes via bridging ports in the diagnostic box, is this something you can do with the yaris? If so, tell me how!! Thanks, Nathan
  2. Hi, i have sold the front bumper. The guy who brought it thought it was one of the good ones as it has the mounting strips on them - apparently the not so good versions didnt have them and were visably 'out' I still have the skirts for sale. Im looking for 100 + 15 for postage. Nathan pics of the skirts Nathan
  3. I have my mongoose exhaust for sale. Only 6 months old and hasnt been used for the last 2 as my engine went bang!!!! No marks / scrapes and looks like new. Looking for 235 Will post pics when i get chance Nathan
  4. I have a brand new bomex bodykit for sale. Its front bumper, side skirts & side vents. Un painted, un marked, never even been fitted or drilled. Lines up well and is a nice straight example. Looking for 250ono. Thanks, Nathan
  5. Hi i have my unichip for my rev 3 turbo for sale Mapped to 292hp with decat, exhaust, airfilter and hks i/c. £120ono + £5p+p Nathan
  6. I have for sale a kenwood 10 disc cd changer, one of the lastest ones out. Only had 5 months use. Reads cdr + cdrw Offers
  7. Hi, i have for sale my chromed blitz bov. Its in mint condtion and perfect working order. £130 or swap for a HKS ssqv Thanks, Nathan
  8. Hi, i have a blitz ss bov on my rev 3. Its all in good working order i just wanna keep a hks theme on my car!! P.m me if anyone is interested. Nathan
  9. Dont really know mate - pm me with an offer. Would you be looking for collection or to have it posted? Postage would have to be £20 due to size + weight (via ANC) Nathan
  10. Hi, yes it is still for sale. AFAIK it will fit all revisions of turbo cars :) Nathan
  11. Hi mate, cant get the pics of the back of the wheel as my parents have taken the digital camera away with them on their hols!!! BUT i found out the the offset on the wheels are 35. Hope this helps, Nathan
  12. Yeah i did one on my old beast - it was ok but nothing to write home about tbh!!
  13. Piece of cake mate - 4 bolts, 2 slide clamps and 2 split pins!!! Job done in 20mins!!
  14. yeah for sure ill take some and upload them today nathan
  15. I honestly couldnt tell you mate - all i know is that they are off a mk2 mr2. If you click on the links there is pics of the wheels there. Thanks, Nathan
  16. I am selling my much loved rockford sub. Its 15" part no RFR3115 - the best one they do!! Cost over £450 new. I have had my own tuned box made for it to get the best potential out of it. Dual 2ohm voice coil - 1000w RMS and over 3000peak. I am only selling this as i have now got an MR2 and it doesnt fit behind my seat!!! This is a serious peice of kit and has the potential to shatter rear windows!! Looking for around £120 ono - i think thats a fair price but im open to offers!! Can be posted but this is a very heavy and bulky item so would have to be £30 - i would much prefer collection - the sub weighs over 25kilo itself!! Be heard as well as seen!!!!!!!!! Nathan
  17. I have a std exhaust off my rev 3 turbo due to upgrading to a mongoose - its in good condition - no rust what so ever. £offers Nathan
  18. I have some 17 by 8 alloy wheels for sale. 5 stud fitment (suitable for mk2 mr2 and gt4's) No tyres, fair condition £100 Can deliver but at a cost due to size and weight - approx £30 http://img41.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dscn12698pu.jpg http://img41.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dscn12707xj.jpg Nathan
  19. The blue top motor is good for 7psi w/ standard comp ratio. Stock ecu can be used to a certain point but past that you would need to invest in an apexi safc minimum - somethin like an emanage or power fc would be ideal.
  20. Couldnt you get a baby seat for the boot?!?!?
  21. If she has given you the 'ultimation' me or the car then call her bluff! And if she did pack her bags and go over a car then maybe you should be questioning her love for you?? All these replies probably only confuse you more, follow your instinct dude. Nathan
  22. starletsy i pm'd you yeasterday morning. I want this item!!
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