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  1. Well - at first the repairman tried to tell his supervisor it was never there but after I explained how I knew the strap was there because that's where you clip the hood rod, he had nothing to say - they ordered a new strap and will come and install it next week. Now to figure out that interior panel!
  2. Nope -no strap at all. Still waiting for a callback. Thanks for the pictures and info BTW. While I have your attention - do you know anything about the interior paneling? It looks like the previous owner tried to use some glue for the panel and it didn't work. I assume that hole is for some type of clip. Do you (or anyone?) know what clip I might need? (and if I put the clip in myself, do I have a risk of an airbag going off?) This is the upper, passenger side window)
  3. Damn - I had AAA replace my battery last night and the guy took (or broke?) the whole strap. I have a call into the company.
  4. Ok - this is a dumb question, but i had my battery replaced and now I can't find where to lock the hood prop in place. Can someone send me a picture of the arm locked in place? I'm almost thinking it was part of the old battery?