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  1. I find it best to not read the Daily Mail and to just enjoy my car.
  2. I've just received the Toyota original equipment one today. No instructions with the thing mind, but will have a try fitting it anyway as I probably wouldn't have looked at them being gormless and impatient.
  3. Hello, new member here, with a short car history but one that would make Mr Toyota very happy. Habitually use a motorcycle for transport but when I need to move more than I can fit in my pockets or the weather dictates (I'm getting old and being wet and cold seems less and less appealing) I use Toyotas because they don't seem to go wrong. Currently have two Rav4s, a mk4 2.2d and a mk5 Dynamic. Dogs go in the older one, partner in the newer one. Previously had a mk3 and before that a Hilux. Shows a lack of imagination I know but they are just very good vehicles. Keith