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  1. Heys guys.. am new to this site so not sure if this is the right forum to discuss this.. i have a 2002 caldina gt4 auto with a 3s gte engine.. from the time i got it, i have a some few problems with it. First is that when i hard accelerate the car and leave the throttle immediately, the car switches off. Second is that when i push the accelerate to the max, the engine just revs high but i don't feel any power output according to the revs.. it feels like the car is failing to pull and i get left behind by any car when we go for fast drives with friends. Third, i tried using the vacuum gauge kit to test for any vacuum leaks and the needle was on normal condition around 17 to 18 inHg but it was fluctuating at times and sometimes it was steady. The turbo seems to be fine and i have already removed the cat from the car. Please advise me on what could be wrong with the car or what i need to check or replace. Thanks a lot