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  1. I think you can install either subwoofer or woofer. Or just speakers. As far as I know
  2. I would recommend you a sub woofer. I have it and I am very happy. That's really what I wanted. You will have with it "good sound with good bass" 🙂
  3. My battery was changed 2 months ago. I think it must be ok, but I checked the battery and the voltmeter reads less than 13 volts. Is it normal?
  4. Yes, I turn the key few times until it starts to crank and then is to hear some clicking noise
  5. No, I have also Toyota 200, that's why I wrote 200 in my Profile but I have problem with Toyota Camry 2.4, gasoline, year 2003 and after I turn the key more times, the car starts If you have any idea I'd be pleased.
  6. Hello everybody, I have Toyota Camry and since 1 week the car starts hard, I have to turn the key a few times to get it started. Could someone help?