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  1. Absolutely right Joe. My wife has told me she wishes she still had her little Aygo. That had speed limits on the sat nav!
  2. I have no idea why the RSA in the Prius is useless. Just offering my thoughts.
  3. Hello Pete. I've checked about the versions of the safety sense and the powers that be say it's version 2 on the 2019 Prius. I'm also wondering whether the difference in efficiency or lack of it is down to the height of the vehicle. If this is the case, it's of no use in a Prius that has had it's speed limits greyed out as an option on the sat nav.
  4. Yes I agree. My Prius was a hundred or so short of £30,000. I'm not impressed!!
  5. I have come to the conclusion that it's better to switch it off and go back to keeping eyes open and being alert. Boringly old fashioned but there you go!
  6. My 2019 Prius now has RSA instead of the speed limits on the sat nav. Toyota have informed me that they have no intension of reversing this decision at present. Why replace a system that works with one that doesn't? RSA misreads speed limit signs on the roads and sometimes doesn't see them at all. The function is not fit for purpose.
  7. Hello David Hales. I have a 2019 Prius and, like yourself, have no way to get back my speed limits on the sat nav. I have the extremely useless road sign assist instead. I have made enquires to Toyota and have been told they have no intension to reverse this decision. I have just switched off road sign assist as it is just mostly wrong and got annoying! I think all we can do is complain to Toyota until they take notice and keep complaining. It's a very stupid decision by them.