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  1. Thanks, that's really handy, I didn't fancy removing the bumper! Ultrasonic....not radar.
  2. I reckon this has to be a good move, as my reversing is definitely not as good as my forwarding.....or frontwarding, for the picky. I reckon I'm in good company though, the great '60s Lotus Grand-Prix driver Jim Clark was the King of the Circuit, but fairly random as a normal everyday road driver....apparently having problems parking, or remembering simple directions, on one occasion being unable to decide between going right or left at a Y junction which was very near the family farm in Scotland, to the point that he ended up taking neither, and ending up in a hedge instead. I was obliged to fit a kit on my LWB Citroen Jumper van, and it's incredibly good value, as they are almost free on the interweb. It may seem absurd on something the size of an Aygo, but better safe than embarrassed I say. I seem to have 3 spare kits so might as well use one. I'll make sure the two outer emitters point slightly outwards to give wider coverage. I'll take some pics of the process.....anyone know how the rear plastic bumper piece is removed? I'm guessing the two elegant pole-dancer's fingernail panels on the corners pop out to reveal bolt heads? Or am I wrong?
  3. I am now able to find the thing in a giant car-park! I was very glad it had some red bits the other day, I was in totally the wrong part of a carpark, saw the red from 3 rows across the park.
  4. I suggest you try the original method. Fill the tank till the pump cuts, using the same pump where possible.. Zero the trip counter. At some point close to empty, fill the tank again till it cuts and note how much fuel you have used. Check the distance on the trip meter and write it down with the fuel used. Re-zero trip counter. I find this is the most accurate way to get a reasonably reliable reading, though less accurate than an "official" reading, in which an exact measured volume of fuel in a calibrated glass container is run till empty, the trip meter checked, before switching back to the normal fuel supply..This gives a very precise economy reading as the exact volume used is known, so you can work out MPG by using just 1 litre, for whatever the driving conditions being tested. I filled up again today and got 58.85mpg or 4.801 litres per 100km....still no motorway driving. Work out the fuel used per 100km, or the MPG. The newer cars from summer 2018 on have several engine changes including higher compresion supposedly to give better fuel consumption.
  5. I'm happy to say my Aygo is a basic 2 door 2010, no aircon or anything else in the way of electronics. Only extras are the split rear seat and the very nice separate rev counter, which is far superior (imo) to the digital replacement. It's big enough to be readable in peripheral vision easily. I am of the masculine persuasion, and 68 years old. I also have a 2002 Caterham SV (220bhp) a 1999 Elise S1 111S (205bhp) a couple of historic race cars, and a 1959 Berkeley T60 fully converted for competition us, with tuned 1275 Metro engine and custom motorsports chassis. Long story... Hope this helps.;~))
  6. Eeeeek. Glad I avoided (just) buying a 65k km MMT car!
  7. That's what I would expect....I've done zero motorway so far but should top 60mpg as things are. I'm well chuffed with the little mouse car, and as the Yoshimura transformation is now in an advanced state, bodywise, it is starting to look quite interesting too. It's a sort of an attempt at visual humour, motorcyclists of the Japanese sports/racebike fraternity will understand it immediately, but almost no-one else! I'm waiting for new power packs for my camera....I don't have a cable to download from the phone.
  8. The older ones had a jack, and the useful bits & pieces in a holder in the spare wheel centre.
  9. I've just filled the Aygo for the first time since 10 Dec. It was still going strong and had just over 717km on the trip. It took 35.1 litres, giving 4.88 litres/100km, or 57.88 mpg (Imperial not US) I don't think my driving was any different to the first tank. The sole significant difference is that I changed oil and filter, though the oil was fine, I didn't know what viscosity it was, nor even whether it was 100% synthetic. I filled with Amsoil 0W20, which is the Toyota recommended viscosity. It's also best (for economy and performance) to fill to the half fill point on the stick. This all helps reduce unnecessary internal friction in the oil, which wastes power... Next, I'll check the tyre pressure which I haven't done yet. If they are less than the spec, a few psi will help.
  10. It sounds as if it's a clutch in the MultiMode Transmission which is failing. You need to talk with a specialist mechanic who knows these gearboxes, which would be cheaper than a Toyota main dealer. Look up Independent Toyota specialists. Good luck!
  11. I would expect the AC to cause higher consumption as it takes a fair bit of power to run it, but I'm surprised to hear simply cold weather increases consumption.....why would it do this? I'd have guessed the colder air would slightly increase engine efficiency...as it'd tend to make the ingoing fuel mix denser. On tyres, in fact when I checked the OE tyres on steel wheels were 155/65 R14, or 1749mm circumference, the ones on my alloy wheels are 165/60R14 or 1740 circumference.so about 0.49%, giving a slight under read on the trip meter, but really not enough to fuss about. Aygostu's figures are high, but that's mostly due to a 50% urban cycle use. Pytheas.....880km daily commute? I hope someone else is paying for the fuel.....and rather you than me! Fortunately I live in SW France and am retired, so no more commuting, and if I want to drive fast/competitively I can, but not in the Aygosaur. That's what trackdays are for.
  12. Interesting, thanks guys. So it seems my figures are about normal for mixed driving....I'm relieved. I will do a circumference test to be certain that the 165/50 R14 alloys are identical to the 155/50 R14 spare, which is presumably the original size fitted before the wheels were changed. As I typed that I realised that if those figures are correct, the circumference of the new tyres must be slightly greater, which would mean I clocked rather more than the 673km, which would mean the fuel economy is slightly better than I thought. Not much, but a bit.
  13. After reading about 60 something mpg I thought I'd check the real figures on my 2010 base model....it has no onboard computer so no average consumption reading. I filled the tank to brim full, zeroed the trip, and refilled when the gauge display started flashing. It had 673km on the trip, and took 34 litres. This gives 5.05 litres per 100 km, which is 55.93mpg. I wasn't driving it hard, and was expecting better. What figures are reckoned normal?
  14. It's a very badly made bulb which has leaked it's inert gas so air has crept in, and the oxygen in the ordinary air has allowed combustion of the metal filament. Were all the other burned out bulbs from the same batch? This shouldn't be happening...get a decent bulb!
  15. I wonder why the actual amount of oil you are supposed to put in after a change with filter replaced is not mentioned in the owner's manual? I ask, as it's not a great idea to accidentally put too much in......I put about 3.7 quarts in, then ran the engine to fill the filter, and it seemed to be on the full mark....but of course it's almost impossible to actually see new w20 on the stick. How difficult would it be to put the figures in the book? One for 'without filter change', one with.