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  1. Hi, I have a 55 plate Hiace 280GS with the 2.5 D-4-D engine. The van is low mileage (under 60k) and in excellent condition and I was hoping for a long life from it. However, on the day it passed its MOT and after a routine service, it failed to fire up. The engine turns over but the injectors are not firing. No warning lights show. So far the following has been done: Earths checked and cleaned. Visual check made of all accessible contacts. Fuel pressure checked in common rail and all ok. Initial diagnostics suggested a fault or short in the EDU circuit. ECU and EDU removed checked and passed ok by a specialist( they were even rigged to injectors which fired happily). A check by an auto electrician showed a voltage spike in the ABS circuit. Removal of the relay saw the van fire and run, but only for a short time (presumably until the ECU had remapped the system?) The ABS was removed, checked and found fault free. Further diagnostics suggested a fault in the canbus, with the resistance at one end of the canbus circuit reading 120 ohms and 0 at the other (it should be 60 ohms - two 120 ohm resistors in parallel reducing down to 60 ohms). I have no idea what has caused this to happen so suddenly and don't really know what to do for the best, so I need somebody with an in depth knowledge of Hiace electrics or who has experienced a similar problem for some advice or thoughts please!